Why I Don’t Like This New Trend

kids-in-wedding-dressesI’ve noticed a trend. All over the country, little girls are having professional photos taken in their mom’s wedding dresses. It seems like the thought process is that these photos are “adorable” now, and you’ll be able to display them on her wedding day for some laughs. I’ve seen these pictures quite frequently lately, and, while I’m sure the mothers are well-intentioned, something about these photos bothers me. This tiny little girl is all wrapped up in layer upon white layer of satin, silk, lace and loveliness. The leftovers from her mother’s big day.

It just looks so heavy. Like the weight of her mother’s expectations are going to crush her.

Maybe it’s because I know that our daughters are not tiny reflections of us. They are unique little people. Maybe she won’t want to marry. Maybe she’ll wear a pink dress rather than a white one at her wedding. Maybe she’ll wear a cocktail length lacy number. Maybe she’ll have the “perfect” princess wedding. Maybe it’ll be to a handsome doctor. Maybe it’ll be to another beautiful bride. Either way, I wouldn’t feel regretful in the least to have skipped out on displaying this photo at her wedding. Because it’ll be her very own wedding.

Maybe I also don’t like it because I believe that childhood is not just a preparation for her adult life—childhood is an important time in its own right. While it’s fun to play make-believe, doll houses and dress up as princesses, I’m not sure that the focus should be so heavily on weddings.

Maybe I don’t like them because there are just so many other (and, in my opinion, better) pictures to take of a little girl. Professional photos, hanging in your home, show your children what you value. What about a picture of her chasing a butterfly, rather than chasing a wedding? Of posing in an outfit she put together—full of tutus and whimsy—rather than one chosen by someone else for their special occasion?

One trend that I absolutely can get on board with is the re-purposing of wedding dresses. Mom’s wedding dresses are being remade for baptisms, first communions, Halloween princesses and even dyed for prom dresses. This is a much more unique, fun way to honor a mother’s wedding dress while using it for the daughter’s intended purpose or milestone in her own life.

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