When You Know, You Know

when-you-knowI always knew I wanted two children. I grew up with an older brother and although we went through the typical sibling stuff (hitting each other, hating each other, I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you, DON’T! DON’T! DOOON’T!), having a sibling is awesome. Someone who is always there for you-whether you want them to be or not.

So. I just knew I wanted two kids. At least.

My husband is an only child. He never knew the true love of having someone to play with and annoy every day of your childhood life. But he was in-he wanted more than one child as well. Awesome!

So. We had two. Life was perfect…right?

Once I had my second child…well, there was still something…missing. But how, you ask? You wanted two and had two! Two healthy babies! Complete. Dust off those hands. You’re done.

But I couldn’t give away my maternity clothes…I couldn’t give away the baby clothes ones they were too small. I kept blankets and toys. Baby books and sippy cups. I packed them away for…something?

Well, yes. I just didn’t KNOW what (or when?) that something was.

And then it happened. I cried a little, not going to lie. Here we go again.

A third.

And I will tell you from experience…when you know, you KNOW.

As soon as the wind changed and I was never going to wear that maternity shirt again, it was GONE.

As soon as that baby was born and grew out of a sleeper (even sort of…like a little bit) – GONE.


I knew. I knew the minute those double lines showed up on my pregnancy test…this was going to be the last one. When you know, you really know. It’s bizarre…when you’re on the fence…I can tell you it’s pretty much a sign that says you’re not ready to be finished.

So now we have a happy family of five. This is our perfect family. And we know it. And I have to say, knowing is the best feeling I have ever had. I can hold a friend’s baby, smell their newborn head and not even have a little bit of that pull towards wanting another. I am secure in knowing that for us, this is it.

So to Moms out there, wondering: Should we? Shouldn’t we? Go with your gut. Or go with the boxes in your basement. If they’re full of maternity clothes…try, try again! It’s so worth it.

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