When Things Don’t Go According To My Plan

according-to-planI always have high expectations for holidays and other special occasions, which also means that they rarely live up to my expectations. Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and, as usual, I was hoping for a perfect day. It didn’t exactly happen like that though.

I had visions of a relaxing day with my adoring children. While we did go buy flowers for our flower beds like we have the last few years, and we spent a little while cuddling with the kids after church, the rest of the day did not go as I had pictured.

My younger two kids decided to start the day early. The baby was teething and didn’t sleep well. She capped off her night of wakefulness by biting me at 6 am. My three year old decided he wanted to wear his sister’s unicorn diaper to bed. I knew it was a little small for him, but I didn’t realize it would make him wake up at 5 am asking to me take his diaper off because it was too tight on his legs. I finally got up for the day after being bitten by the baby.

After we got home from church, and buying flowers, I planned to finish up some sewing projects and then frost the cake for dinner. I was making a shirt for my grandmother, and a shirt and yoga pants for my cousin who has been in the hospital. I had hoped to have them finished already, but that hadn’t happened. I went to the basement to sew, thinking I’d finish them quickly and get the cake frosted so I could relax for a while. Nope. My sewing machine started skipping stitches, and after fighting with it for a while, I finally gave up on that project for the day and started making the frosting. Due to my frustration with my sewing machine, I wasn’t paying attention when I added the hot sugar syrup to the egg whites, so instead of meringue, I ended up with chunks of hard candy in scrambled eggs. I managed to salvage the frosting though and finally finished the cake.

By the time I got the cake done, it was time to leave and go to my in-laws, on the way to my parents for dinner. We enjoyed visiting with my in-laws, and seeing my grandma, aunts, cousins, and siblings, and nephews at my parents. In the usual chaos that comes from many people getting together, the hardwood floor apparently got wet, although whether it was from dog water, puppy pee, or toddler pee is hard to tell. With 6 kids ages 5 and under in the house, along with 3 dogs and a puppy, there are a lot of sources for a wet floor.

My 3 year old has been wearing underwear instead of diapers during the day the last few weeks, so when he came to me and said he had to go potty, I picked him up to hurry him to the bathroom. As I went around the corner from the kitchen to the hallway, I stepped in the puddle on the floor and slipped. I landed on my side with my son lying on top of me and my arm. I didn’t even get a chance to try to catch myself, so I got bruised all along my body. My son was mostly scared, not hurt, but I felt terrible for dropping him.

After getting the kids ready for bed so we could head home and let them fall asleep in the car, we were talking to my parents in the kitchen before we left. My daughter grabbed my heart shaped “Mom” necklace that my husband had gotten me last Christmas, and yanked it off, breaking the chain. It was the perfect ending to the day.

While the day may not have gone as planned, and there were many small annoyances along the way, I am grateful to be celebrating Mother’s Day. I remember the Mother’s Day the year before I was pregnant with my oldest, and how much I wanted to be a mother. Even though there are many days that go like this Mother’s Day did, full of frustration with things not going how I planned, I am so blessed to have the three wonderful children that I do. Even during the most stressful days, there are the little moments when my oldest helps me with something, or middle child gives me a big hug, or the baby gives me a big, goofy grin, and I can remember why this is all worth doing.

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