When It’s Not So Bad To Be Known As “Mean Mommy”

dad-kid-huggingBefore my husband and I had kids, I always knew that I would be the disciplinarian. I may not sound too intimidating with my high-pitched, shrill tone, but still it is just the way the cookie crumbles. My husband is a bit of a softie although many think that he comes across differently, and the idea of him being a strict enforcer to two young daughters sounds a bit like make-believe. It’s pretty standard that there is usually going to be one parent that’s responsible for laying down the law, and another that’s the one the kids turn to when the law is being pushed upon them.

For many mothers to little boys and girls all over the world, you’ve certainly been called “mean Mommy” from time to time. If I had a quarter for each time I heard that word as a parent to two young girls, I could easily afford a beach vacation home by now. At times it’s frustrating being labeled as such, but it’s important to stick to your guns and keep those enforcements intact. The fuel of frustrations can sometimes come pouring on when you see the little ones run to Daddy for comfort. I get irritated feeling like I am the bad guy, but not keeping your kids in line from a young age can lead to unruly older children with no sense of respect or manners.

It’s hard not to want to scream when your kids aren’t listening or destroying your home, acting bratty in public or just plain not listening to do as they’re told. Not all kids are this way, and some have their moments, or in the case of my four-year-old they have a serious attitude to be reckoned with. The only issue with this is, if you don’t have the partner on board with keeping the kids in line, he’s going to have a very serious problem when Drill Sgt. Mean Mommy is away. It’s very important that if your partner isn’t going to play the “Mean Daddy” role, he at least needs to abide by the rules you set if the kids are to respect him and behave.

My husband learned this the hard way, and I would come home and find him frustrated as all get out, fuming over how “no one listens” to him. And as bad as the term Mean Mommy may sound, you sure do feel a sense of accomplishment when you’re out with the kiddos and your kids see a child behaving poorly and look to you in disbelief. My kids often do this in these moments, knowing that sort of thing wouldn’t fly in Mean Mommy’s book—not that they would even dare try! Being the bad guy isn’t so bad when you have kids you are super proud of in those moments.

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