The Floop

the-floopI’ve never been overly confident with my body.

So when I got pregnant, and I was allowed to let it all hang out, I was ecstatic. People looked at my big belly and SMILED. They wanted to touch it. I felt like a little Buddha statue, making people happy all over the place. It was glorious.

I felt good on the inside and the outside. My body was positively glowing. It was truly wonderful.
I had my babies. One, two, three. Three perfect, healthy, amazing children. Everything I’ve always wanted. I couldn’t ask for more.

Three years later, three pregnancies later, three caesarean sections later…and I had the floop. The infamous floop above my scar that is just…there. Not everyone gets the floop. Some people are just plain lucky I guess. But me…well, there it is. It should probably have a name at this point.

I lost the weight. In fact, I lost more than I had gained! But there it is. Staring at me in the mirror. And I CAN’T. GET. RID OF IT. Le sigh.

I know. In this day and age, I should accept my body-it created and sustained life. Who cares if it’s not perfect in my eyes? What is perfect anyway? Plus, I have a little girl. I want her to be confident and comfortable in her body! I want to be an example of confidence and athleticism and just plain AWESOMENESS.

But some days are harder than others. Some days I feel fat, some days my clothes just don’t fit the way I want. I have to be honest-those are the days I just want a sundae…with some mashed potatoes on the side…and wine. And I have to remember on those days, that I am fitter than I ever was before I got married and had my children. I am strong. And I’m healthy. And my life rocks.

So how do I maintain a healthy body image (as much as possible)? I eat well (most of the time) because the old saying: “You are what you eat” does ring true. When I eat light, I feel light. I exercise as much as I can because it makes me feel good, clears my head and keeps me on track. Plus I like to be an example for my kids. I’m always telling them to exercise and move their body so it’s only right that I do it too. Plus I actually like vegetables…a lot. So that helps.

There will always be bad days. I’m just hoping to have more good days! And when I fall into a slump, or something happens in life to force me (yes, FORCE ME) to eat badly and throw my exercise schedule aside, I will embrace it, enjoy it, and then get back to a regular routine. Plus I will concentrate on the things I always like about my body…like how I can go for a run after years of not running. Ok, jogging. But it feels fantastic. As for the floop? Ahhhh…I’ll learn to live with it!

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Seanna Thomas is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist living in Ontario, Canada. She works as a personal consultant and freelance writer out of her home and teaches healthy lifestyle cooking classes to both adults and children in the area. She is a mother to three children, all under the age of six and her husband works as a medic in the Canadian military. Although Seanna is educated in all aspects of nutrition, she focuses on realistic clean eating with a spotlight on healthy family habits. She is known online as the "Nutritionnaire" and writes a weekly blog. She can also be found on Twitter, will soon have a Facebook page, and a website is in the works! In her downtime, she enjoys being outdoors with her family and relaxing at home with her husband and a well-deserved glass of wine.