Is Pregnancy A Rite Of Passage?

I would argue that, no, it is not. While pregnancy is a defining moment in many womens’ lives, it should not be the only way to signify adulthood to others. But if you look at how society treats pregnancy (and even motherhood at times), you might think differently. Last Tuesday, my daughter took an extra long nap.  Instead of getting … Read More

Optimal Spacing Between Pregnancies

When thinking about adding another child to your family, the timing between pregnancies is something that many families consider as part of their decision. You may have an idea of how far apart you want your children to be in age, but there are other factors to think about than just simply whether your older and younger children will play … Read More

The Decision To Have Another Child

I have known I wanted to have children for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t anything I had to make a decision about as an adult. I got pregnant with my oldest son about a year and a half after I got married. My husband had to convince me to wait that long. We wanted our kids about … Read More

Moms Can’t Get Sick

Pregnant? Congratulations! I have some news for you that I feel is very important: Once you have that baby, you are never allowed to be sick again. I mean, ever. Like…forever. I got hit with the plague this week. But not really. I’m not allowed to be sick. I’m a Mom. Here are the top five reasons Moms can’t ever … Read More

Should We Have Another Baby?

With two small children happily thriving in our house, my husband and I face a dilemma many couples wrestle with when they reach this point in their lives: should we have another baby? The problem with this question is that our answer seems to change daily, sometimes hourly. When you’ve got the two kids, a boy and girl, everyone kind … Read More

Pregnancy and Varicose Veins

My mother was 24 when she gave birth to this writer. I was her second child. For whatever reason, mom developed permanent and unsightly varicose veins in her legs during her second pregnancy and it wasn’t due to her age, obviously, or too much weight gain (she only weighed 119 pounds when she had me.) Those veins pestered her the … Read More

Does Childbirth Hurt?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I spent hours and hours worrying, researching, and obsessing over just how much giving birth was going to hurt and if I could handle the pain. Unlike a lot of life experiences, like getting a splinter or scraping a knee, first time moms have absolutely NOTHING to compare child birth to, making … Read More

What to Pack for Your Delivery Day

While some deliveries are planned, most often times the baby is awarded the task of choosing their own birthday. Some babies come early and unexpected, seldom on time, while others late with much anticipation and even frustration. In order to prep yourself for your hospital stay, it’s important to pack the right things you know that you’ll need to feel … Read More

Healthy Pregnancy Cravings

When I was pregnant, I craved orange juice like it was going out of style. OJ with breakfast, OJ with lunch, OJ with dinner. Before growing a child inside my body, I never liked orange juice. However, once the 2nd trimester hit, I wanted all the orange juice. And all the brownies, but that wasn’t just pregnancy. I want all … Read More

Working With Morning Sickness

Often viewed as a badge of honor, morning sickness can strike even the toughest expecting mama at the most inopportune times during her pregnancy. Despite its punctual namesake, morning sickness can happen in the morning, noon and night, and maintaining one’s professional demeanor while running to the bathroom every twenty minutes can pose quite a challenge for even the most … Read More