The Modern Day Husband

Things have changed over the years. As recent as the 1970’s, men and women were expected to get married, buy a house and have multiple children…in that order. The woman was to stay home and raise all the kids (not have a job, in the strictest sense of the word) while the husband went to work and “brought home the … Read More

When Your Parenting Style Doesn’t Match

When I was pregnant, my husband and I didn’t really know what kind of parents we would be. Would we make our own baby food and extended nurse? Would we co-sleep? Would we cry it out? Finally pregnant after years of infertility procedures and medications, we were just happy to be waiting on our little one’s arrival. We knew that … Read More

I Just Turned My Back For 1 Second

You can put latches on every cabinet, and covers on every outlet, but at some point, and possibly at many points, your child will get hurt in an attempt to explore as much of their world as they can possibly manage. Children often seem to determined to injure themselves. Last week, my mother stopped by my house with my 3 … Read More

How to Maintain a Happy & Healthy Relationship When You Have Kids

One day when you least expect it, it finally happens. You meet The One. Instantly things are different, and in your heart you just know that this was meant to be. After a whirlwind of courting you get engaged, then married and on your way to contemplating when the two of you should procreate. When you get pregnant the idea … Read More