When It’s Not So Bad To Be Known As “Mean Mommy”

Before my husband and I had kids, I always knew that I would be the disciplinarian. I may not sound too intimidating with my high-pitched, shrill tone, but still it is just the way the cookie crumbles. My husband is a bit of a softie although many think that he comes across differently, and the idea of him being a … Read More

The Small Parenting Wins

My two year old son sat at our kitchen table asking, demanding actually, more chocolate milk to drink. “No, you already had a glass. You can have some water,” I gently reply. “No! More chocolate milk!” he yelled, more insistent. “No, you can have some water,” I said more firmly. “No! CHOCOLATE MILK!” he screamed, and with that, he threw … Read More

My Father’s Eyes

My four year old daughter has the most beautiful eyes. You know those steely grey, almost translucent eyes that babies are born with before their eyes change colors? My daughter’s eyes stayed that color. For months I waited for them to brown up, like my husband’s eyes, or perhaps turn a darker blue or hazel, like mine. But over four … Read More

Parenting on the Same Page

What’s the top way to ruin a relationship and the kids in one fell swoop? How many ways can you think of to ruin a marriage or relationship in no time flat? Pick your poison – there are multiple landmines capable of doing in a relationship –but one of the top offenses may be a conflict over how to raise … Read More

March Break

Most families will tell you they learn something about each other during March Break. I certainly did. I would love to say I learned more about my children’s feelings or how to connect with my husband on another level. Or just how amazing my family is when we can all spend some unscheduled time together. You know, how we all … Read More

The Importance Of Real Quality Time

In our world that we live in today, and people’s infatuation with social media, television shows, and entertainment or technology in general, it seems that we are quickly losing sight in the true meaning of quality time. When I was a kid, we always had dinner together as a family. If we ate “on time” then we would watch Wheel … Read More

Mom Of The Year

Last night, armed with my evening green tea and ready to mentally dispute articles posted by high school acquaintances, I began scrolling through Facebook. That’s when I saw it—a post about how a friend’s mom had just received a “Mom-of-the-Year” award. She had been named through their church as one of a few moms deserving of this “Mom of the … Read More

How Parenting Has Changed

My guess is parenting is harder now than it was 20 years ago. Gargantuan societal changes typically take place over a 20-year period, which, historically, is considered a generation. Baby Boomers, like me, who have raised children and are currently observing (at a safe distance) as their thirty-year-old kids raise their own children already know the inherent complexities of parenthood. … Read More

What This Winter is Teaching Me

I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. As I type this blog, there is about a foot and a half of snow in my front yard and my preschooler is literally running circles in the house. We are on our 3rd snow day of the season, with preschool closed. He is only a few weeks away from turning 5 … Read More