The Most Important Class You Will Ever Take

When you become pregnant, you realize quickly how many classes are at your disposal. Half a dozen different birthing style classes, basic infant care, introducing your baby to your dog, baby massage, baby wearing, cloth diapering, the list is endless. But there is one class that should be a non-negotiable MUST for every new set of parents (and grandparents too), … Read More

Having Kids Without Any Help

Before I ever had kids, I knew what kind of mother I would be one day, completely hands-on. When I was growing up my parents split up by the time that I was 7, which meant that my single mom was forced to spend much of her time working. Being alone a lot, and usually without anyone to be involved … Read More

Enjoy it While it Lasts

My lovely grandma was in town last week, and we went to the movie theater to see Cinderella. I was expecting a cute story, but not a good lesson with it. But here’s my favorite line from the movie, a line that I don’t think many other viewers noticed: Right before Ella attends the kingdom’s ball, she exits her exquisite … Read More