Take A Moment

I could feel it creeping in. I started noting my mood and energy a few months prior and realized that about once every 5-6 weeks, for period of a day or so, I hit a wall and was simply overcome by everything that’s asked of you once you become a parent. The point where your house is beyond a disaster, … Read More

Happy To Be A Simple Mom

I remember when I was growing up my mother wouldn’t even go to the grocery store without her lipstick on. Going outside of the house meant that you had to look your best, and apparently to feel your best that meant slapping on the war paint, too. I’ve always liked makeup, but more because I am creative and like the … Read More

Life Happens

Growing up, I was always surprised when friends said they had never been to a funeral. We had a large extended family living near us, so funerals were a part of life. We even had funerals for our pets, and then my brothers and I would make headstones out of cement and rocks in our sand box toys. We once … Read More

Should Moms Stop Multitasking?

If you’re a mom and anything like me, you’ve got about 35,000 things all going on at the same time. The laundry is spinning, the dishes are washing, the kids are eating breakfast, I’m on my laptop paying bills and on my phone checking emails, the news is playing in the background, and the time is ticking on my watch. … Read More

Moms Have Bad Days Too

As my alarm clock rang one particular Monday morning, I remember literally bouncing out of bed, excited to start the day. Rarely do I have totally free mornings to spend with my children where we’re not running errands, rushing to preschool, getting caught up on laundry and household chores, or prepping for the classes I teach. But having worked extra … Read More

Encouraging The Mermaids

For All the ‘Little Mermaids’ Out There One of my favorite stories is by Robert Fulghum about himself as young pastor. He was suddenly in charge of a large group of very energetic children, and he decides to have them play a game called “Giants, Wizards, and Dwarfs.” “You have to decide now,” he instructed the children, “which you are … Read More

Third Time’s A Charm

I’ve always considered myself to be a bit of a superstitious person. Partially because my father was that way but also because it just came naturally to me. When I had my first child I was 26 years old. That isn’t overly young, and a pretty normal age for a first time mom, and granted I did turn 27 less … Read More

5 Tips To Teach Your Kids To Clean Up

Keeping your children’s toys picked up can seem like a full time job. Although there are days when it can seem impossible, it is possible to teach your children to clean up their things themselves. Here are a few things I have learned over the last few years: 1. Have age appropriate expectations. A two year old might start by … Read More

Avoiding Moving Stress

My family is moving. Really moving. Out of our house and into another. Also, out of our town and into a city. In some people, this brings anxiety, fear, and feelings of major stress. Not me, I’m excited! I feel happy and very calm about the entire process…so far, anyway. My three children are all under the age of six … Read More

Training Yourself Before Your Child Trains You

My 11 month old threw his first public tantrum. We were at the park and he was toddling around loving life and exploring….and eating leaves like he’d never been fed. Leaf in each hand, he was ready to stuff another in his mouth as soon as I dug the first soggy clump out from behind his clenched teeth. No amount … Read More