Can Kids Ask Too Many Questions?

Anyone with small children recognizes they spend a fair amount of their day answering question. Lots of questions. An absurd amount of questions. And those questions, which often come at rapid fire speed, can range anywhere from the simple “what’s for lunch?” to the slightly awkward “why don’t I pee standing up?” to the more complicated “what’s Heaven like?” If … Read More

Family Of Five

I have three kids. You read that right. Three. On purpose. And they are all under the age of six. Apparently once you have more than two children, you immediately fall into the category of “large family”. I didn’t know this, but it is true. People have one child: “Oh, that’s great. Will they get a brother or sister?” Two … Read More

Letting Kids Help In The Kitchen

Today, I was chopping oranges to make marmalade. My 3 year old went and got a plastic knife from his play kitchen and climbed onto a stool to help me cut the oranges. At first, I wasn’t thrilled with the sticky juice he was dripping down the cabinets and onto the floor, but he was having a great time helping. … Read More

Getting the Kids to Help with Spring Cleaning

Although children are not the tidiest at all times, they definitely like participating in activities with the parents. With the winter thankfully coming to a close in the coming weeks, it’s time to start on Spring cleaning to get out with the old and in with the new. Every year brings new reasons to purge ourselves of the items we … Read More

How to Get Your Kids Excited About the New Baby

When you are bringing a new baby into the picture, it’s important to get your kids just as excited as you are about the latest addition to the family. Most children who are old enough to comprehend the idea of having a little brother or sister will generally accept this, especially if there is already another sibling in their home. … Read More

Raising Kind Kids

One of the major goals of most parents is raising kids to be kind, compassionate people, but the details of how to do that can be a little fuzzy. Last night, my 5 year old offered to give his Winnie the Pooh ornaments to his 2 year old brother since he likes Pooh so much, so at the moment I’m … Read More

Over-Scheduling Kids

As parents in this day and age, we are lucky. We are able to expose our children to arts and sports that we never had the chance to try. If you’re of my generation, (which is the one with or thinking about having small children) as a boy, you were probably in soccer or hockey, as a girl, maybe ballet? … Read More

How to Maintain a Happy & Healthy Relationship When You Have Kids

One day when you least expect it, it finally happens. You meet The One. Instantly things are different, and in your heart you just know that this was meant to be. After a whirlwind of courting you get engaged, then married and on your way to contemplating when the two of you should procreate. When you get pregnant the idea … Read More