The Truth About Milestones

When my oldest was born, he seemed “normal”. He followed the growth charts, he met his milestones on time. I was happy that he seemed to be developing normally, and I had no concerns about him. I had begun talking by about the time I was 9 months old, but I didn’t expect he would necessarily begin that early. It … Read More

Middle Child Syndrome: Does Birth Order Really Matter?

Does birth order really make a difference? Does it truly have an impact on your personality? Does this mean if I had been #1 or #3 instead of #2 I would have been presidential material? Being the only girl in my family, although ultimately the middle child as well, seemed to make more of a difference than being the sandwiched … Read More

Moms Can’t Get Sick

Pregnant? Congratulations! I have some news for you that I feel is very important: Once you have that baby, you are never allowed to be sick again. I mean, ever. Like…forever. I got hit with the plague this week. But not really. I’m not allowed to be sick. I’m a Mom. Here are the top five reasons Moms can’t ever … Read More

The Adjustment of Adding More Children

When you find that you are pregnant again, sometimes it may be met with a bit of shock and apprehension. Whether it’s a back-to-back baby, or a few/several years in between, the thought of adding more children to the bunch can make us feel a bit overwhelmed and/or nervous. A century ago families were typically large, with 6 or 7 … Read More

Having Friends With Children

In the beginning of freshman year in high school, Michelle Skowronek walked into the girl’s bathroom to find a sassy Patty Cobleigh. Patty leaned over and pulled gum off of the seat of Michelle’s tights and they’ve been best friends ever since. Michelle and Patty have been through a lot together. Michelle was Patty’s maid of honor and “basically planned … Read More