Vendor Store Page

Each vendor has their very own storefront in the shop. There is a designed banner space for your logo or artwork. Maximum size for the banner is a width of 820 pixels and a height of 120 pixels. In addition to the logo banner, there is an area for you to write a description of what you are featuring. As well, all of the products that you have posted for sale in the shop are visible on this page.  Click on the image on the left to view a sample of how the page is set up.

Product Pages

In addition to the product information that is posted, there are a few additional tabs to help you sell product. First, there is a seller tab. This tab does two things; 1. It posts the description of your store from your vendor page, and 2. It has a link to all of your vendor store.

There is also an Ask A Product Question tab which gives the users a way to clarify any information about the product you are posting prior to buying. This will hopefully alleviate any potential issues prior to purchasing. The site visitor does not see your email address. Your email is delivered to the email you used during registration.

Click on the images on the left to view a sample of these tabs.