Running A Relay

running-a-relayI’ve signed up to run a relay.

I’ve never done anything like this before and even though it scares me a little, I am so excited to be stepping out of my element to do something new. And not only the running part, I’m raising money for an awesome cause. WIN-WIN!

Did I mention I’m not a runner? I’m a jogger at best and feel pretty much like death while I’m doing it. Only one time did I come back from a long (and by long I mean 6km) run saying: “YES! That was AMAZING! I feel like I could have run FOREVER!” Fluke, I’m sure.

I was not a track star growing up. I played volleyball through school but that was pretty much it. Working out didn’t really exist in my University days…but as I got older, I realized that…y’know it’s HEALTHY and blah blah blah. Things we all realize as we get older. But exercise is key in my life now and it keeps me sane. It’s not only good for my body, but my mind. It’s the only “me-time” I get and I cherish it. Even if I can’t really breathe while it’s happening…still MY time…to breathe or not to breathe.

I started running after my first child was born and then I got pregnant again (nothing to do with the running-don’t be afraid). After my second, I got into it a little more. I signed up for a free podcast that provided a “couch to 5km” program with great music and a beep that let you know when to walk and when to run. It was great! It got me to 5km pretty fast.

Oh and then I got pregnant again.

So after my third (and final child) I really wanted to give it a proper go. So again, I signed up for the podcast and started running. It was great. I’ve never been fast and I’ve never been consistent…but I can do it.

And now the consistency is here. Why? Because I have a goal. A date. I signed up to run and dammit, I’m going to do it. And it’s going to be awesome.

I don’t really know anyone on my team, but we have connected online and we constantly motivate each other. Some runners can go farther, and that motivates me to try harder. Some are just starting out, and that motivates me to encourage them. It’s such a positive atmosphere…it makes running almost…fun. Almost.

The best part about this run is it’s not a race, it’s a relay. A bunch of us have signed up to work together and get this done. We’re all Moms (or Dads), coming together from different backgrounds, experiences and exercise levels and we’re going to join forces and run our little butts off. Woohoo!

And when it’s over? I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment. The pride. And I’m guessing…the new friendships.

With every training run leading up to this day, I’m thinking about that. Can’t let the team down! I better run a little further, a little harder. And we’ll get there. Can’t wait!

For anyone thinking about running or needing some motivation-I can only recommend signing up for a run. Do a fun one, go with friends! It doesn’t have to be a marathon, just something to write on the calendar and look forward to in the near future.

This may be my first run, but I’m positive it won’t be my last. Go team!

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