New Year’s Resolutions to Make You a Better Mom

resolutions-better-momWith a new year comes new things. Many people develop resolutions for themselves as a way to ring in the new year—with a wide range of abandonments or the beginning of new trends. Sadly, resolutions are long forgotten for most once February rolls around. Something to implement that doesn’t take much work and can benefit not only you but also your children, is to find ways to become an even better mother than you already are. It doesn’t take any money at all, but just a little time, which in the eyes of your child means the world and will not go unnoticed.

Have Your Kids Help Out in the Kitchen
If you don’t already do this then you should definitely give it a try. Obviously you wouldn’t want to let your children chop and dice, but having them help you out around the kitchen will make them feel involved. Sharing in cooking together can be a bonding experience for the two of you, and most children love doing grown up tasks just like their parents. Kids take great pride in helping and will feel a sense of accomplishment when they are congratulated for a job well done. Rinsing veggies in the colander, adding pre measured ingredients to a recipe or even meal planning are good ways to start.

Get Imaginative Together
Young children are especially known for being imaginative and this is something you can help cultivate in them. Encourage your children to let their imagination run wild whenever you can to get those creative juices flowing. I’ll ask my daughter silly questions like what My Little Pony character she would be, what she wants to be when she grows up, or even want kind of fruit or vegetable she would be if she could choose. From the time that children enter school they are taught to color inside the lines and their ideas and thoughts become more refined and focused. Sometimes letting go and being free will allow them to remember the power of their own imagination. This means you will have to pick which fruit or vegetable you will be too.

Make an Active Effort to Show Them How Much You Truly Care
Kids need their parents love, and by finding unique ways to show them you care it will make them feel extra special. I teach my children funny dances or sing silly songs inserting their name so I can see them smile when they know it’s something just for them. And even though your child may no longer be a baby, sometimes it feels nice when we baby them just a little, and not just because they aren’t feeling well. Spoiling a child isn’t the best idea, but there is no such thing as making a child feel too loved. Give them hugs just because, put a note in their lunch box or simply tell them you love them when they least expect it. Chances are they will start to reciprocate this and you’ll feel the unexpected love right back.

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