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maternity-wearFinding good maternity clothes can be like finding a needle in a haystack – everything is either all horizontal stripes, really tight, oddly cut, very long and sack-like, or when you finally find some maternity jeans that look cool they keep slipping down! I found a few pieces of maternity wear that I absolutely adored, and they weren’t hard to find at all.

Dresses That Are Also Suitable for Breastfeeding
While not everyone breastfeeds, it certainly saves you money if your maternity clothing can be used for both maternity and breastfeeding. Some of my maternity clothes were high-necked tops and dresses that there was no way I could breastfeed in, and in hindsight I wish I hadn’t bought them! I had a couple of dresses though that were fantastic. The first was this dress, by Seraphine. It’s a polka-dot wrap dress that opens in the front for easy breastfeeding access. It was also worn by the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) so I clearly have good taste! I also wore this dress, also by Seraphine (I guess I liked their stuff!). It was easily able to expand with my growing bump, although the polka-dot dress was stretchier.

Stretchy Panel Jeans and Leggings
The first pair of maternity jeans that I bought were stretchy and low-waisted. They were intended to sit underneath my bump. But they didn’t. They fell down, and down, and down. There was nothing to hold them up, and as my bump expanded so did my hips, and once the jeans had shimmied down past my hips there was nothing holding them back from sliding down my thighs. I ended up wearing suspenders. The next pair of maternity jeans I bought had a large panel that goes over the bump, and is made of stretchy elastic-type material. They stayed up much better, and were far more comfortable. I also had numerous pairs of black and patterned leggings, as they could pair well with long tunic tops as well as dresses, and the stretchy legging material was always comfy.

Flat Shoes
As many of you may be experiencing, your feet grow and swell while you’re pregnant. I went up an entire shoe size! I bought some cheap but good flats for wearing around the office at work, in the next size up! Wearing heels was high up on my list of things I didn’t want to do. Look for flats that have good arch and heel support, and have a bit of room to stretch, just in case your feet balloon up!

Extra-long Tank Tops
I invested in a number of extra-long and larger size tank tops that I could wear underneath my clothing. Just in case my pants or leggings slipped down (or my top rode up!), I didn’t want people to see my bump. The tank tops were also helpful after I had my baby – I could wear one under a tee-shirt, and pull the tee-shirt up and the tank top down to breastfeed. Easy!

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