March Break

march_breakMost families will tell you they learn something about each other during March Break. I certainly did. I would love to say I learned more about my children’s feelings or how to connect with my husband on another level. Or just how amazing my family is when we can all spend some unscheduled time together. You know, how we all get along so well and love each other SO. MUCH.

But no.

What I can tell you, with my family anyway, is routine is EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.

My husband and I decided to be all crazy and do things on a whim! We’re such cool and groovy parents, who needs a schedule? Well that was a BAD IDEA.
No schedules! Naps? No way! Quiet time? Pffff. Lunch? How about SNACKS ALL THE TIME? YAY!
I feel like I must preface this story by stating all three of my children are under the age of six. They’re like crazy little Mogwais running around on candy power…no candy necessary.

Well, the only thing that happened by being spontaneous and super fun was despicable attitudes and miserable children. They were tired, hungry and brutal. And it was all our fault.

I discovered (once again because I’ve been “super fun” before) that routine is incredibly important, not only in our children’s lives, but our lives…and the lives of everyone around them. Life is better with naps and planned food breaks and schedules and planned events. It just is. Children thrive on routine. For them, It’s like a food group.

They can fly off the cuff when they’re teenagers or on their own. But as far as I’m concerned, I’m going to schedule the hell out of them while they’re living with me. Workshops, walks, classes, yup. I’m doing it all.

I’m not one to over schedule on a daily basis, I like down time and I know the importance of unscheduled time…but when it comes to March Break and they’re used to having instruction from 9:00 AM – 3:40 PM, it’s probably a good idea to know what you’re doing on a regular day. Maybe have a general plan. Oh-and be out of the house by 9:00AM or you will turn into a Gremlin. And so will your children. Don’t let water touch a Mogwai but if you DON’T water and feed your children, watch out. Those Gremlins are grouchy!

Moral of the story? March Break = Fun…but only with lots and lots of planning.

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