Life’s Last Surprise

lifes-last-surpriseAre you finding out the sex?

The minute you’re pregnant, this is the first question people seem to ask. They want to rub your belly and they want to know-are you going to find out? Everyone has an opinion!

It’s a hard decision to make. Technology has brought us to a place where we can not only find out the sex, but CHOOSE the sex. It’s crazy! Call me old fashioned, but even those 3D ultrasounds freak me out. To this day I have still not seen a 3D image that actually looks like the sweet little baby when it’s born…they always look so alien and squished…because, well, they are!

People want to know the baby’s sex for a variety of reasons, but mostly it’s for planning and a little bit of curiosity. If you’re a natural planner, you want to paint the room, buy the clothes, name the baby. I get it. But they could be wrong! What if they’re wrong??? I couldn’t handle it.

Which is why my husband and I chose not to find out.

Originally, my husband wanted to know. I mean, of course. We COULD find out, so why not?

Well…here is my one simple reason for waiting: Life’s last surprise.

Once you have a child, there aren’t any more great surprises in life. I mean REAL surprises. Maybe you’ll get a party you didn’t expect or someone will surprise you with a gift or flowers…but finding out the sex of your child? Wow. That one stands alone. So we did it.

Three times.

Because to be honest, after the first one, the excitement of not knowing is so awesome-you really want to wait!

My husband and I went on a lot of road trips when I was pregnant. Every time we got in the car, we would get out our list of names. Strike some out, add some more, change some spellings. We had awesome discussions about former classmates with certain names and how we couldn’t possibly name our child one way or another. We talked about names that meant a lot to us that we wanted to include. These road trips will always be such an amazing memory of a time before our lives infinitely changed. You can learn a lot about your spouse just by discussing names you like for either sex (whether you know or not)!

And the guessing, oh man-was that ever fun! People telling me they “knew” I was having a boy or it must be a girl, by the way I was carrying or the foods I was craving. Ultimately, I think deep down, a Mom really knows. But it’s fun to see people guess.

No matter what you choose-just be sure you’re not stressing yourself out. The most important part of pregnancy is staying healthy. So as long as you’re not up at night, wishing you knew or didn’t know-go with your gut! Besides, white baby clothes aren’t so bad…and they go with every name.

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