Let Her Wear Pink

let-her-wear-pinkI have three children. Two boys and one girl. She is the youngest and therefore, has two older brothers. They are proud to protect her but equally proud to teach her how to pull down her pants and dance in the kitchen. She is impressionable (as they all are) but she will do anything for her brothers. And they know it. But she can also get under their skin like no other person in the world. And she knows it.

We are not a pink and blue family. Our kids were raised in green, white and yellow clothing and lots of hand-me-downs. In fact, my little girls’ favorite clothes to wear are her brother’s old t-shirts.

We did not CHOOSE to shelter our kids from pink and blue, we just didn’t find out their sex beforehand so any gifts or purchases made were neutral colors. And I was so happy-because we used every piece of clothing and décor three times in a row! We certainly got our money’s worth.

But after children are born and their sex is official, in comes the pink and blue. I’m not against it at all-I love to clothe my children so I’ll happily take new and used clothes pretty much from anyone!
This did not change my daughter from wanting to be just like her brothers. Wearing capes, wielding swords and screaming at the thought of wearing a dress.

For her second birthday, we gave her a “Thor” action figure (that she wanted) and it may as well have been a security blanket. She carried him around with her everywhere. She was even Thor for Halloween.

Then she turned three.

All of the sudden, she wanted a “Pink Dora birthday”.
I’m sorry, a what?

So that is what she got! And even though she loves pink and will tell you it’s her favorite color…she is still the dirtiest kid at the park and the loudest person I’ve ever met. She’s the pinkest “tomboy” I know.

I don’t think any color a child wears makes them who they are. I know some rough and tumble princesses. They don’t all wear pink. But if they do-that’s ok too. I also know some boys who like pink and girls who only want to wear black. Who are we to tell a little girl what her favorite color should be? My kids decided all on their own. One of their favorites is “rainbow”. That makes me smile.

As for my sons, well-I’m pretty sure they don’t own a shirt that doesn’t have a superhero on it…so their wardrobe is basically all primary colors.

My kids’ wardrobe is all sorts of colors, but I have to say…the boys have a lot of blue and my daughter has a lot of pink. And WHO CARES? I certainly don’t. I’m just happy if they have clothes on their backs before they leave the house. Besides, it’ll all change before we know it and they’ll no doubt be into some fashion that is cringe-worthy and we’ll just have to deal with it.

So before they are teenagers, I say let them wear pink.

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