Indoor Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers

birthday-partyWhen your child turns two, three or four, they are finally aware that the celebration is in their honor.   They have developed their own sense of fun activities, and they might even have a set of friends and family that they’d like to spend time with on their special day.  But what happens if you have a dreaded winter birthday to contend with?  Winter birthdays are always challenging because you can’t just meet at the park or host a ton of people in your yard or driveway.  Here are ten ideas for those winter birthdays:

1. Trampoline Park
Trampoline parks are a great way for kids to get some energy out in the winter.  Your guests will love that you tired out their toddler, and the birthday child will have a blast bouncing to his or her favorite tunes.

2. Nature Center Party
Many nature centers offer parties with animal education and encounters, crafts, and fun games.  Everyone knows that kids love the opportunity to pet unique animals (for example, a snake or a skunk), and these types of parties are sure to be a huge hit with your child’s friends.  Just be sure to wash your hands before diving into that birthday cake!

3. Character Party (Elsa, clowns, etc.)
If you have a college buddy who is willing to play a clown, or a friend who is willing to dress as Elsa, this option can be fairly low cost.  You can host this at your home, and about 30 minutes into the party, there will be a knock on your door and it can be your child’s favorite character–anyone from Elsa to a clown to Elmo is up for rent.  Use decorations and music themes to match and this is sure to be a memorable birthday.

4. Cupcake Decorating Party
This party can take place in your home or at a local cupcake shop.  All you need is lots of cupcake decorations (sprinkles, frosting in a variety of colors, cupcakes, toppers, etc.) and a big tablecloth to cover the table and floor!  Take photos of kids with their cupcakes before they gobble them up!

5. Dance Party
This is another option that can take place either in your home or at a dance studio.  For toddlers, all you need is a big bin of dress up items (crowns, hats, capes, boas, boots, funny shirts, and wands).  Prepare a mix of your child’s favorite songs, and let the dance party begin.  It’s even better if you can videotape the kids and show them the movie afterwards.

6. Pizza Making and Baking Party
Similar to the cupcake making party, you can keep the mess out of your house by finding a local pizza shop willing to host this party.  Kids love to cook, and if you offer a variety of fresh and healthy ingredients, these pizzas will be both delicious and nutritious.  Prepare a few basic toddler games (coloring, songs, presents, etc.) for while the pizzas are baking.

7. Kids Gym Party
Many children’s gyms offer great birthday party packages.  This is a popular and simple option for parents looking to get their birthday child out of the house to a fun, indoor environment in the middle of winter.  The other parents will thank you too!

8. Mug Decorating Party
Go to a pottery painting studio, or simply host this at home.  Children paint with specialized pottery paint, then their creations go in the oven to solidify.  Artistic children will love this option!

9. Ice Cream Shop Party
You cannot go wrong with a party full of ice cream and toddlers.

10. Face or Hand Painting Party
This is a party all on its own, or you can make it a fun addition to any of the above.  To save money, ask an artistic friend or two to volunteer.  Many communities have artists that would charge a small fee to help with a birthday party as well.

With some careful and creative planning, a winter birthday party can be a real success!

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