How I Alleviated My Morning Sickness

morning-sicknessMorning sickness sucks. We all know it. Whether you’re experiencing it yourself, or have seen a friend or fellow pregnant woman go through it, it’s awful. Morning sickness is such a sad misnomer; for me, it wasn’t just morning sickness, it was all-day sickness. I figured out a few methods that helped to alleviate it, and I used them often!

The first solution was to ensure that I pretty much never had an empty stomach. I kept rice crackers and peanut butter at my desk at work, and snacked on high-carb foods throughout the day. It kept something in my stomach for my body to digest, which helped to ensure that the stomach acid didn’t churn around with nothing. If my stomach got too empty, I would feel sicker and sicker … so I kept eating! I gained weight in the first trimester rather than losing it like many women do, but I also reduced my morning sickness significantly. It was worth it.


One of the main foods I ate was ginger. Crystallised ginger, smelling fresh ginger, drinking ginger tea and also putting ginger syrup and lemon in hot water. It helped a lot, and it makes sense: many travel-sickness remedies use ginger to reduce nausea. I kept a bag of crystallised ginger at work, and a box of ginger tea that I could add hot water to. I was pregnant in winter, so the hot ginger syrup and lemon drinks felt comforting as well as alleviating my sickness.


Going out and getting fresh air was one of the best methods I had to reduce my morning sickness. When I felt overheated or hot in a stuffy meeting room at work, my nausea would rear its ugly head and I would search for the nearest trash can. Walking outside in cool air (or turning a fan on nearby) could stop the nausea in its tracks and allow me to continue with my day.

Dress Comfortably

While this wasn’t always easy for me (I was working as a corporate lawyer while I was pregnant), it made a world of difference wearing loose-fitting and comfortable clothing. It also helped to hide my ever-expanding belly! When my clothes were tight I felt suffocated and restricted, which also seemed to make me feel like my lunch was coming right back up my throat. Wearing looser fitting tops and proper maternity pants and skirts helped my stomach to have less pressure on it, and the morning sickness was more likely to subside.

I hope these methods are helpful, and that you find something that works for you!

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