Have We Gone Too Far?

gone-too-farNo. Just no.

I recently read an article describing a new trend that I find atrocious. I can hardly describe how I feel.
What is so incredibly offensive that I can barely type the words…?

“Along with Babies, Hairstylists are arriving in hospitals.” You can read the whole article here.

Yes. Now women have decided that the most important thing after going through labour is looking good for that first picture. With their hair and makeup done by a professional who was waiting out in the hallway while they gave birth.

Not the natural glow of a woman who is lovingly holding her child, not the messy hair of a woman who, after nine months, has finally met the little person that has been kicking them from the inside. No.

But hair, perfectly blown out and curled, and perfectly placed eyeliner.


What is happening here? What is so wrong with us that we need to look perfect for Facebook AFTER HAVING A BABY?

What is wrong with hair out of place and a little sweat to commemorate the birth of a child? I have to say-all the pictures I’ve seen of my friends holding their baby in that first moment are probably the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen of them. I really, truly mean that.

Because holding your child for the first time is an emotion that you can’t paint on with bronzer. The glow comes from deep down within-and you cannot duplicate it.

I would even say, having all this makeup put on and hair done is masking who you really are in that moment. You may not look perfect, but to that baby-you are perfect in every way. And WHO CARES about the comments people give you on your first picture? They should be saying: “Congratulations!” or “What a beautiful BABY”…not “OMG You look so hot”…

Maybe I’m old-fashioned. Maybe I just don’t get it. But I don’t think I’m the only person that thinks this is absolutely ridiculous.

Here is an idea: If you don’t want a sweaty picture taken of you with your newborn, DON’T TAKE ANY PICTURES. It’s a crazy idea, but it just might work.

The problem is, people want their pictures taken. They want as many “likes” as possible and they want the vain comments on their looks right after having a baby. It’s the same people that instantly starve themselves, attempting to attain their pre-baby body a week after carrying a baby for nine months.

Take a moment. Enjoy your time. Enjoy the new life in YOUR life. Forget about how you look or what the next step is and take a deep breath. Because this isn’t going to happen again, ever. And it’s worth being in the moment for once.

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