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toddler-gamesToddlers love to play games. We start by playing peek-a-boo, Pat-A-Cake and hide and seek. But when toddlers start getting creative-watch out! There are a whole new set of games they will spring on you…and there are no rules. Here are my most recent favorites, from a toddler’s perspective.

1. Stare at them until they wake up.
This is a favorite in my house. I have woken up the past three mornings with either my daughter’s eyes peeking up at me from the side of my bed or my son’s head lying directly on my pillow, staring at me. At five in the morning. It’s intense.

2. Scream until your face turns red and see what they do.
I have realized that is it is a natural instinct for girls with older brothers to scream. And I mean scream. Like their life depended on it. Red tomato face and all. I did it. My daughter does it. And to my parents, I am so, so sorry.

3. Say “No!” or “Why?” repeatedly.
Oh I love this one. My daughter is REALLY good at this game. I have never come up with so many answers to one question in my life. The end result is usually “because I said so.” Uncreative, I agree. But it ultimately ends the conversation. I can also turn the radio up really loud. That works too.

4. Get dressed for winter and have to pee.

Oh the classic! Boots, scarf, mittens, toque, snow pants, coat…peeeeeeeeee. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I JUST asked you if you had to go pee. TAKE OFF boots, coat, snow pants, scarf, toque, mittens…and pee. Hey-let’s put it back on! Yippee!

5. Speak in French and ask them what you said.
I realize this one might be fairly family specific. My children are in French Immersion and they love it. I’m not allowed to say certain words in English anymore. Like “pen” is now “un stylo” and “backpack” is now “sac a dos”. They get pretty angry if I speak, y’know, the language they learned from birth.

6. Ask for a banana and then gag and say you don’t want it.

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. If you ask for it…EAT IT. My daughter has an amazing quality to hold food in her mouth for hours at a time. HOURS. If she doesn’t want to eat it, she’s not going to eat it…ever.

7. Scream “NO!” and then tell your Mom she’s beautiful. Watch the confusion.

Skylar is mastering this skill. I am mastering the skill of looking confused and then deciding to be flattered and loved. It’s easier, don’t judge.

8. Leave lego on the floor. Clear lego. The tiny ones.

If you are a parent of the toddler, you know the pain of stepping on a piece of lego. Especially clear lego. It sucks. And kids are really good at it. It’s a game for them-I know it. Don’t like it.

9. Ask questions like: “Where do babies come from?”

This is another classic. We’ll squeal like pigs trying to answer this one. It’s always sprung on us when we don’t expect it and when we think the kids are too young. It’s a good question…we just need some time to answer it. Stop asking.

10. Running away. Anywhere. All the time.

STOP IT. Please stop running away from me. Why is it so bad to be near me? Please hold my hand. Please don’t escape out the front door. Please. Please stop. It would make my life so much easier. I don’t like this game. Although I do enjoy the pleasure it gives you. No scratch that. Just stop it.

To be clear, I love my kids. Some games I will support. Some scare me. As parents, we just have to live in the moment and enjoy your children when they are young. Take a deep breath and have fun!

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