Discipline – A Sticky Subject Between Moms


Oh man, this can be a sticky subject between Moms. How do you discipline, if at all? Are you strict? Are you a pushover? Do you let stuff go or turn a blind eye? Or are you harsh? Do you follow through? Or just repeat empty threats?

I have been told I’m fairly strict. I’m okay with that. I see too many children that have no respect for rules, authority or elders and I want my kids to be polite, have manners and be respectful of others.

Also, I would like them to stop punching each other and calling each other “poo-face”. I can’t win every battle, but I’m trying. I’m trying really, really hard.

I’m a time-out Mom. My kids have them, I have them. It’s time to take a break, reflect and talk about what just happened once everyone has taken the time to calm down.

Things have changed over time. My children are aged five, four and three. What works for one doesn’t always work for the next. But that’s fine-you live, you learn. And I believe it’s perfectly justifiable to have different rules for different children.

For instance, I expect more out of my oldest but I also let some things go because I know he is bigger than everyone else and accidents happen.

My middle child is very sensitive so sometimes taking something away like a bike ride or time at the park (or threatening to do so) works better than a time out.

My youngest…sigh. Well, she is a different breed. Time outs have very little effect but if the time-out is in her room and she has to be under the covers of her bed, well-that seems to work. Sometimes.

My children don’t have attachments to ANYTHING. It’s so frustrating as a parent to not have anything to physically TAKE AWAY.

The first time I tried it, my oldest son was two, verging on three. I forget exactly what he was doing, but it happened again and again after multiple warnings so I said: “That’s it! I’ve warned you this would happen. I’m taking away your blanket!” At this point, I thought….there’s NO WAY he can sleep without it. I’ve totally GOT HIM. You know what he said?

“It’s ok Mom, I don’t think I need it anymore.”


I don’t always go to the time-out. As a Mom, you have to think quickly on your feet. Some situations call for different methods. Sometimes a hug is all that is needed. A hot head doesn’t always do well with “GO TO YOUR ROOM!” Sometimes, a gentler approach is the one to take.

It’s confusing and difficult and frustrating. But all in all, discipline is necessary.
And it’s constantly changing.

As parents, the most important element is to be on the same page. If Mom and Dad believe in two different discipline types and two different sets of rules, the kids are going to get away with murder.

Kids need to know right from wrong, whatever that may be in your household. Stick together-and you’ll make it. And so will they.

Besides, sometimes calling each other “poo-face” ends up in all three of them laughing on the floor. That’s not so bad…right?

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