Celebrating Birthdays

celebrating-birthdaysSunday was my birthday. Nothing big, and I’m not ashamed to admit…I turned 34. Happy Birthday to me! But as adults, I think we’re too quick to lie about our age.

Now, I might be in a different situation than others. I’m very happy about where I am in my life and what I have accomplished. I was one of those people that always wanted to be a Mom. I knew that. Career was always going to be second to children. Now that I’ve had my three kids, I’m happy to focus on my career. A lot of my friends did the opposite. And there is nothing wrong with that, it just wasn’t the path for me.

But not being happy in your current situation isn’t a reason not to celebrate another year passing, it’s a reason to celebrate MORE. Start another year of your life right by being around family, friends and making a plan to change things up!

As a whole, I believe people don’t celebrate birthdays enough. I turned 34. Did I want a cake? Yes. But mostly, a celebration. It didn’t have to be a party…no presents. I’m happy with hugs and kisses from my kids and recognition that there is a REASON to celebrate. BECAUSE WHY NOT?

Turning 29 again? 30th birthday forever? 40 is the new 30? Let’s all be honest, shall we? Why are we age shaming? The worst part is…we’re doing it to ourselves! No one tells another person: “You should really say you’re 29…people might think you’re (gasp) in your THIRTIES. Or forties! Oh NOOOOOOOO. Please.

Why don’t people want to celebrate their birthdays??
I’m happy to celebrate a Tuesday if anyone would let me!

Celebrations make people happy. Maybe you’re another year older…but if you’re surrounded by people who love you and you’re having a good time….who cares? EVERYBODY AGES. That is life. Don’t ignore age. Embrace it!

My children equate birthdays with cake and parties. I think we should all take a page out of their book and celebrate. Birthdays, holidays, Tuesdays…balloons!

In fact, I would like to start the “Non-Important Age” celebration. By that I mean, let’s throw a ridiculous party when we turn 43. Let’s invite everyone we know to go Go-Karting for our 37th. Go nuts for the “BIG 3-0” but don’t forget the “BIG 3-1”!

Celebrate. Celebrate life. Celebrate when you can because life IS short. Birthdays are awesome. Now, go eat some cake already!

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