4 Ways to Stay Stress-Free While You’re Expecting

It’s no secret that having a baby comes with its fair share of stress. Everything from nursery decorating to shower planning can quickly cause your anxiety to rise. However, stress can be detrimental to both you and your unborn child. Your immune system may weaken as a result of stress, increasing your chances of developing an infection in the uterus. … Read More

Breastfeeding: Why It’s Not For Everyone

It seems that in recent years breastfeeding has become somewhat of a hot topic for moms. There is support from the community, with organizations like La Leche League International for breastfeeding mothers, and most employers must understand a nursing mother’s need to take a pump break every few hours. After all, people get to have smoke breaks to go puff … Read More

Learn About Breastfeeding Before You Have Your Baby

Breastfeeding seems like it should easy because it is the natural way your baby should be fed, and sometimes it is, but there are many times it pays to be prepared before your baby is born. By the time you are busy trying to keep a new baby fed, it is hard to find the time to find the information … Read More

To Any Mother Who Has Ever Had a Cesarean Section, You Are Not Alone

Since the beginning of time, women have been giving birth. It’s the circle of life, and a special experience that grants us the forever pass into motherhood, which for some of us is a lifelong dream. Before I became a mother, I always pictured in my mind that I would have a natural childbirth, and if I couldn’t stand the … Read More

The Decision To Have Another Child

I have known I wanted to have children for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t anything I had to make a decision about as an adult. I got pregnant with my oldest son about a year and a half after I got married. My husband had to convince me to wait that long. We wanted our kids about … Read More

Can Heavy Metal Toxicity Keep Me From Getting Pregnant?

The term “heavy metal toxicity” may sound frightening (or fictional), but it’s a real condition in which our bodies absorb heavy metals (like mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium and others) from environmental sources—including foods—and then holds onto them. Because we live in an ever-burdened chemical society, it becomes harder and harder for our bodies to release these substances. It primarily comes … Read More

How to Get Your Kids Excited About the New Baby

When you are bringing a new baby into the picture, it’s important to get your kids just as excited as you are about the latest addition to the family. Most children who are old enough to comprehend the idea of having a little brother or sister will generally accept this, especially if there is already another sibling in their home. … Read More

Moms Can’t Get Sick

Pregnant? Congratulations! I have some news for you that I feel is very important: Once you have that baby, you are never allowed to be sick again. I mean, ever. Like…forever. I got hit with the plague this week. But not really. I’m not allowed to be sick. I’m a Mom. Here are the top five reasons Moms can’t ever … Read More

To Sprinkle Or To Shower?

Baby showers. The age-old tradition that almost every pregnant women during their third trimester does. When this used to be something thrown by family members, strictly for ladies and filled with baby games and oohing and aahing over cutesy baby gifts, it has now become something much different. The couples shower has gained popularity, as well as the male diaper … Read More

When Your Birth Plan Doesn’t Happen

While I wouldn’t classify myself as a complete control freak, my husband and friends might tell a different story. I prefer the term organized and pulled together. While I am still up for spontaneous adventures, I will admit that changes to my well-laid plans can throw me for a mental loop. And I don’t think that I am the only … Read More