What If I Have Pica?

Many women while pregnant experience some sort of craving. The cravings can be for things as simple as sweets or veggies. However, these cravings can be for stuff slightly stranger, like mayonnaise and bananas or pickles with ice-cream. But there is another type of craving pregnant women can get, called pica. Only a small percentage of women experience this type. … Read More

Playing Music To Your Baby In Utero: What Are The Benefits?

I love Roald Dahl’s books, especially his autobiography. He paints his childhood in brilliant clear colours, and one of the descriptions that has always stayed with me was of his father’s insistence that his mother listen to calming, soothing classical music while pregnant. Roald Dahl’s father maintained that playing music to a baby in utero would create a beautiful, kind, … Read More

Tests Done Routinely During Your Pregnancy

Finding out that you are expecting a bundle of joy in the next nine months can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. Many people do not realize that when they are pregnant, sometimes their doctor appointments will be full of tests and other routine procedures – even if your pregnancy is not considered high risk and there are no … Read More

Vaccinations And Pregnancy

While pregnant you think of the health of you and your baby. Immunizations are very important part to that. There is a reduction in disease and death among woman vaccinated against diseases that are preventable by vaccinations. There is no evidence of dangers to the fetus with pregnant woman getting vaccinated with bacterial vaccines, inactivated virus, or toxoids. Live vaccines … Read More

What You Might Not Know About Your Delivery: Part Three

Part 3: C-Sections, Birth and Recovery The follow-up to Parts 1 and 2, Part 3 concludes the compilation of lesser-known facts and tips gathered from a few dozen moms about their labor and delivery, that hopefully will help you feel more prepared for your own birthing experience! C-Sections • When Baby seems in distress (via monitored heart rate), or labor … Read More

What To Do When You Aren’t Treated Well At Your Ultrasound Scan

Having an ultrasound is one of the most exciting things that happens throughout your pregnancy. They only happen a few times: at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 20 weeks, and they are a special moment to share with family and friends, as well as a time to check up on the baby and get some peace of mind that he … Read More

You’re Overdue And It’s Time to Be Induced – Or Is It?

Many people think that the due date is a medically exact date for when the baby will arrive. However, it represents only an average of a wide range of possible dates of arrival. Few babies are born exactly on their due date, and a normal gestation length is between 38 and 42 weeks. Inductions at 40 or 41 weeks are … Read More

Pregnant And Lactose Intolerant

Milk, it does a body good…. Unless of course you’re lactose intolerant and trying to design a healthy pregnancy diet, and in that case, dairy products have waged a war against your body. One of the first thoughts that crossed my mind when I found out I was pregnant was how do I create a healthy pregnancy diet, rich in … Read More

When Your Birthing Plan Has Plans Of Its Own

I was going to have a natural birth. Took 12 weeks of classes with my husband, did the exercises, confidently (alright, smugly) told everyone how I was going to power through. If someone dared suggest that it was okay to get an epidural, I was almost indignant. I was NOT getting an epidural, it was not in my plans! I … Read More