My Go-To Maternity Wear

Finding good maternity clothes can be like finding a needle in a haystack – everything is either all horizontal stripes, really tight, oddly cut, very long and sack-like, or when you finally find some maternity jeans that look cool they keep slipping down! I found a few pieces of maternity wear that I absolutely adored, and they weren’t hard to … Read More

Do I Want A Male Or Female OBGYN?

When I first started my search for an OBGYN physician, I was pretty set on finding a female doctor. So much of choosing an OBGYN is simply personal preference anyway, and all other medical care quality factors being equal, I felt I would just be more comfortable with a female OBGYN practitioner. However, after exhaustively researching the doctors in my … Read More

How I Alleviated My Morning Sickness

Morning sickness sucks. We all know it. Whether you’re experiencing it yourself, or have seen a friend or fellow pregnant woman go through it, it’s awful. Morning sickness is such a sad misnomer; for me, it wasn’t just morning sickness, it was all-day sickness. I figured out a few methods that helped to alleviate it, and I used them often! … Read More

Four Nutritious Foods That Are Great In Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, eating healthy food can be really difficult; you might have morning sickness or feel food aversions, you may feel worn out and too tired to cook, or maybe you just want comfort foods. I remember vividly my husband making me a stir-fry with lots of beautifully-cooked vegetables, and as soon as the first piece of broccoli touched … Read More

14 Baby Names Ahead Of The Trend

The rankings referred to below are from the government’s social security webpage in 2014. Girls: 1. June For those that love short but sweet names, June is a great choice at #317 in popularity. A name that grows well with a child, it reminds one of a whimsical, artistic personality. 2. Francesca Francesca is a serious name that comes with … Read More

Multiples: Pregnancy Info

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for every woman, especially if you go into your first prenatal care check up sonogram appointment and you see two babies with two beating hearts on that black and white screen. You might be instantly in shock, thinking, “I am going to need two of everything!” Since there are more tests and sonograms involved … Read More

Is Pregnancy A Rite Of Passage?

I would argue that, no, it is not. While pregnancy is a defining moment in many womens’ lives, it should not be the only way to signify adulthood to others. But if you look at how society treats pregnancy (and even motherhood at times), you might think differently. Last Tuesday, my daughter took an extra long nap.  Instead of getting … Read More

Planning An International Babymoon

When couples find out they’re expecting, many decide to take one final vacation together, otherwise known as a babymoon. And many people, wanting to experience all the best in luxury and adventure decide to go somewhere warm and tropical, often out of the United States. My husband and I actually took two international babymoons, one before each of our children … Read More

Baby Shower

I recently went to a baby shower for a good friend of mine. And I have to say, it was awesome. Do you want to know why? Well I’m going to tell you regardless. It wasn’t because she Pinterested the hell out of it. There were no cakes that looked like babies on DIY cake stands. There were no fancy … Read More

The Right Babywearing Carrier For You And Your Baby

Finding the right baby wearing carrier for you and your baby is such a personal choice. Everyone has different amounts of back strength, and every baby is unique in size, weight, and wriggliness. You’ll also have your own preferences regarding choice of material and how complicated it can get before you throw up your hands in despair! A baby carrier … Read More