When Mommy Gets Sick

I actually liked being sick when I was little. My mom would pull out the bed from the convertible couch (normally only reserved for sleep-overs, so sleeping with that metal bar in your back on a flimsy mattress was actually very exciting). She would make macaroni and Jell-O and give me Sprite to sip on, and I would spend the … Read More

14 Baby Names Ahead Of The Trend

The rankings referred to below are from the government’s social security webpage in 2014. Girls: 1. June For those that love short but sweet names, June is a great choice at #317 in popularity. A name that grows well with a child, it reminds one of a whimsical, artistic personality. 2. Francesca Francesca is a serious name that comes with … Read More

The Crack Of Dawn

About 5:45 every morning, including Saturday and Sunday, the vibrating alarm on my watch starts buzzing. Often waking me from a state of total unconsciousness, I begin furiously tapping on my watch to make it stop. No worries though, I have a second alarm set for 7 minutes later… and third alarm set for seven minutes after that. Outside of … Read More

Have We Gone Too Far?

No. Just no. I recently read an article describing a new trend that I find atrocious. I can hardly describe how I feel. What is so incredibly offensive that I can barely type the words…? “Along with Babies, Hairstylists are arriving in hospitals.” You can read the whole article here. Yes. Now women have decided that the most important thing … Read More

What I’m Excited For This School Year

About this time each year, my social media is buzzing with back to school articles written by moms who are determined to make readers cry. Everyone is talking about how time flies and how our babies aren’t babies anymore. My friends are sobbing in the aisles of Target while school supply shopping. The back to school “remember when they were … Read More

Being Just A Good Enough Mom

I was the oldest of four kids, so when my first baby was born, I wasn’t as worried about some of the things new moms are. I had seen my share of kids fall down, or get sick, so I wasn’t panicked over little things. There were some areas though that I put more effort into than I have for … Read More

Multiples: Pregnancy Info

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for every woman, especially if you go into your first prenatal care check up sonogram appointment and you see two babies with two beating hearts on that black and white screen. You might be instantly in shock, thinking, “I am going to need two of everything!” Since there are more tests and sonograms involved … Read More

Slipping Away

I grew up across the road from my grandparents. My grandpa, who died when I was seven, was a dairy farmer, so he was around during the day. He was my babysitter when my mom had somewhere to go. My grandma was a high school English teacher. After my grandpa died, I spent a lot of time with my Grandma … Read More

I’m Not The Favorite

For the first years of his life, my son was a Mama’s Boy. I don’t say this is a negative way, because I mostly quite liked him being a Mama’s Boy. I was the one that nursed him, that rocked him, that stayed home during the day to have adventures with him. I was the one that scooped him up … Read More