Do I Want A Male Or Female OBGYN?

When I first started my search for an OBGYN physician, I was pretty set on finding a female doctor. So much of choosing an OBGYN is simply personal preference anyway, and all other medical care quality factors being equal, I felt I would just be more comfortable with a female OBGYN practitioner. However, after exhaustively researching the doctors in my … Read More

Teaching Kids Respect

I hear a lot about needing to teach kids respect, both in conversation, and online. There seems to be a lot of agreement that kids aren’t being “put in their place” properly, like they used to be. The complaints of the older generation about the younger goes back to ancient Greeks though, so thinking that kids are not like they … Read More

How I Alleviated My Morning Sickness

Morning sickness sucks. We all know it. Whether you’re experiencing it yourself, or have seen a friend or fellow pregnant woman go through it, it’s awful. Morning sickness is such a sad misnomer; for me, it wasn’t just morning sickness, it was all-day sickness. I figured out a few methods that helped to alleviate it, and I used them often! … Read More

The Most Important Class You Will Ever Take

When you become pregnant, you realize quickly how many classes are at your disposal. Half a dozen different birthing style classes, basic infant care, introducing your baby to your dog, baby massage, baby wearing, cloth diapering, the list is endless. But there is one class that should be a non-negotiable MUST for every new set of parents (and grandparents too), … Read More

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers

When your child turns two, three or four, they are finally aware that the celebration is in their honor.   They have developed their own sense of fun activities, and they might even have a set of friends and family that they’d like to spend time with on their special day.  But what happens if you have a dreaded winter birthday … Read More

Running A Relay

I’ve signed up to run a relay. I’ve never done anything like this before and even though it scares me a little, I am so excited to be stepping out of my element to do something new. And not only the running part, I’m raising money for an awesome cause. WIN-WIN! Did I mention I’m not a runner? I’m a … Read More

Watching The News

This morning, I was watching the News while eating breakfast, and my 5 year-old asked me who Donald Trump was. While that question could have many answers due to his…interesting character, my son has been hearing his name mentioned on the News lately and wondered why. This led to a long discussion of elections, and why we watch the News … Read More

A New Routine

I love routine and schedules. While I am flexible to some point, I find security in knowing what comes next. My husband knows this is important to me as well, and we have had family routines and schedules even long before our son was born. But now that we are 2 weeks into kindergarten, our whole family is in transition … Read More

Cleaning Out The Baby Clothes

There comes a point in every mother’s life when she realizes she needs to go through her children’s clothes and do something with the items that don’t fit them anymore. . Obviously, my daughter, who is almost five years old no longer needs her Easter dress, from when she was 18 months old, hanging in her closet. Out with the … Read More

Four Nutritious Foods That Are Great In Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, eating healthy food can be really difficult; you might have morning sickness or feel food aversions, you may feel worn out and too tired to cook, or maybe you just want comfort foods. I remember vividly my husband making me a stir-fry with lots of beautifully-cooked vegetables, and as soon as the first piece of broccoli touched … Read More