Organic Food: Trendy Or Essential?

Look down at the shirt you’re wearing. Imagine new research has come out showing that the shirt’s material can cause toxic effects on your nervous system. Would you still keep wearing the shirt? Or pay an extra dollar for a shirt with non-toxic fabric? How about if it came to light that the toxins in the plastic of your baby’s … Read More

Formula is Not Failing: Tips for When You Need to Supplement

Before your baby was born, how many of you planned on breastfeeding exclusively? And how many, at some point, had things you never expected like mastitis, bleeding nipples, supply issues, or latching troubles come bursting onto the scene with flying colors? Probably, most of you. Some moms soldier through these hurdles, others get to a point where formula is needed. … Read More

Allergy Season

Pollen vortex. New Supervillan or your worst nightmare? Could be both I suppose, especially if you or your kids suffer from seasonal allergies. With the late Spring this year, apparently all the pollen in the city (and maybe the world) will fall around the same time…and land on your children. Fear not! If your child is sneezing all over everything … Read More

Weaning Your Baby

There is nothing more beautiful than the bond between a new Mom and her baby. For first-time Moms, it’s a feeling that is truly unexplainable. You think you know what love is, and then you have a child. The last few weeks of pregnancy, the nerves start to set in and an unsettling feeling of doubt can start to creep … Read More

Can Heavy Metal Toxicity Keep Me From Getting Pregnant?

The term “heavy metal toxicity” may sound frightening (or fictional), but it’s a real condition in which our bodies absorb heavy metals (like mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium and others) from environmental sources—including foods—and then holds onto them. Because we live in an ever-burdened chemical society, it becomes harder and harder for our bodies to release these substances. It primarily comes … Read More

Should You Go Gluten Free For 2015?

It’s that time of year when New Year resolutions are running rampant, and a popular one seems to be giving up gluten. But what is gluten, and are there “wrong” reasons for going gluten free? What health benefits are there? Can being gluten free actually benefit fertility? What IS Gluten? Gluten is grain protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and … Read More

Why Yoga and Pilates Are Good For Fertility

Optimizing the body for fertility goes far beyond diet and prenatal supplements. Exercise plays a vital role in overall health, but specific forms of exercise seem to have greater benefits for fertility. Both yoga and Pilates have been shown to improve fertility, but here we explore why. Weight Maintenance Even under the most ideal circumstances, a woman only has about … Read More

9 Things That Harm Male Fertility

Male fertility has become more popular in recent years as science and medical discoveries have shown that it can affect conception and fetal health as significantly as a woman’s health can. For men, it doesn’t simply come down to changing their diet, either, although that is a starting point. Here are 11 areas where men can work to significantly improve … Read More

Picky Eater

“I don’t like it! It’s gross! I’m not eating it.” I love hearing this when my kids haven’t even TRIED their food. UGH-Is there anything more frustrating than sitting with a child that will not eat? Picky Eaters are in every family, and if someone tells you their child was never picky growing up…they’re LYING. Okay, I’m sure there are … Read More