Egg Freezing: Is It Right For Me?

As we’ve all seen in the last several decades, women’s roles in society—including in the home, the workplace, the classroom and the family—have been changing, evolving really. Every other day, there is an announcement about a new breakthrough—or a new setback—for women’s choices and what that breakthrough or setback will mean for women and their loved ones. One of them … Read More

Fertility Resolutions

It’s the beginning of another new year, and for women who are desiring to have a baby, January often comes with new resolutions and health goals. Here are five resolutions you should make when it comes to your fertility—and how to actually succeed at them. 1. Resolve to be more than your fertility. It can feel disheartening to try to … Read More

Can Caffeine Make It Harder To Get Pregnant?

Ah, caffeine. The highly controversial stimulant of the trying to conceive crowd. Conventional advice says that if a woman consumes 200mg or less that her fertility won’t be affected. But if that applies to all women, including those without fertility issues, do women struggling to get pregnant need to take more drastic measures? How Caffeine Works According to researchers at … Read More

A Stealth Pregnancy

What does a ‘stealth’ or ‘cryptic’ pregnancy mean? It means a pregnancy a woman is unaware of. The TV show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” features women who didn’t realize they were expecting until they delivered an eight-pound baby in the loo. Surprise! How is that possible? It happens although the majority of pregnant women are abundantly aware of … Read More

Why Yoga and Pilates Are Good For Fertility

Optimizing the body for fertility goes far beyond diet and prenatal supplements. Exercise plays a vital role in overall health, but specific forms of exercise seem to have greater benefits for fertility. Both yoga and Pilates have been shown to improve fertility, but here we explore why. Weight Maintenance Even under the most ideal circumstances, a woman only has about … Read More

Everything Will Be Fine

My genetic counselor had the sweetest face— soft, angelic, trusting. After she took my aunt and I into a small room, she smiled, her eyes turned down and then her smile retreated a bit. “I was really hoping to give you different news today,” she said. I know she meant it. She proceeded to explain what my diagnosis of Lynch … Read More

Improve Sperm Without Medication

Nearly 1 in 6 couples will face fertility problems in their lifetime, and 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Studies show that nearly 40% of all infertility in couples is due to male factors, with nearly 25% of couples having both male and female infertility factors. Even if IVF or other more invasive fertility treatments aren’t required, sperm … Read More

The Economics of Women’s Fertility

Women are going to have sex. Women are going to go about their lives—go to school, have a job, be with friends, have relationships, etc.—and they want to be able to have control over their lives. At least this is what 60 percent of women surveyed by the Guttmacher Institute said when they were asked why they were using contraception. … Read More

Maternity Leave: Fact Or Fiction

At some point during every working woman’s pregnancy, the concept of “maternity leave” will eventually come up. Ah maternity leave – that blissful period where mother and child rest, bond, and begin to form a lasting, lifelong relationship with one another. It sounds wonderful, and it is. Unfortunately, the hard, cold policies surrounding maternity leave can quickly dampen any expecting … Read More

When To See A Fertility Doctor

If you’ve been trying to have a baby for a few months or longer, you can start to wonder if something is wrong. Sure, typically babies don’t come on the first month of trying, unless you are my mom or my good friend Lisa. But, if you have been trying for a while with no positive pregnancy tests, you can … Read More