Family Of Five

I have three kids. You read that right. Three. On purpose. And they are all under the age of six. Apparently once you have more than two children, you immediately fall into the category of “large family”. I didn’t know this, but it is true. People have one child: “Oh, that’s great. Will they get a brother or sister?” Two … Read More

Why Choosing An OBGYN Is Like Choosing a Mate

Women have lots of choices today when it comes to selecting an OGBYN practice or doctor to deliver a baby. Obviously overarching issues, like insurance coverage, should play a major factor when picking a doctor. But there are other, philosophical issues that should be considered as well. When selecting the right OBGYN practitioner, I believe a woman should look for … Read More

When Someone Gets Pregnant

We have been struggling with infertility for 7 total years now. During those 7 years, we finally got our son via intrauterine insemination (IUI). However, we are still walking the road of infertility, trying IVF to see if we can press our luck and get one more baby. As you can image, 7 years of infertility is a pretty long … Read More

Potential Fertility Boosters

There are claims all over the internet of things you should try that could make you have a baby, but here are five scientifically-backed, tried and true nutrients that can actually increase fertility (and none of them include vaginal steaming, which seems to be making the rounds on the internet lately). Astaxanthin — This one’s for the guys, but clinical … Read More

Learn About Breastfeeding Before You Have Your Baby

Breastfeeding seems like it should easy because it is the natural way your baby should be fed, and sometimes it is, but there are many times it pays to be prepared before your baby is born. By the time you are busy trying to keep a new baby fed, it is hard to find the time to find the information … Read More

8 Rookie Tips For Getting Pregnant

Disclaimer: These tips are not for those of you who’ve been trying for some time, have done hours of research, and are at your wits end. These are for beginners. These are the tips that are shared over a boozy happy hour a few weeks after a friend mentions that she and her husband are “trying.” Usually this is followed … Read More

Will Acupuncture Help Me Get Pregnant?

Proponents of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will argue that such practices can help to cure infertility. But critics suggest it’s all blowing smoke. So how can you know which is true? This article examines scientific studies and other professional evidence that acupuncture actually could help you conceive under certain circumstances. What is TCM & Acupuncture? Traditional Chinese Medicine … Read More

Could Celiac Disease Be an Infertility Culprit?

A new study led by Govind Makharia, a professor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, has found that celiac disease may be linked to infertility. This comes after researchers examined a series of previously published studies, examining celiac disease and its association with infertility, according to Reuters. “There isn’t strong evidence to say that celiac disease causes infertility, … Read More

When You Know, You Know

I always knew I wanted two children. I grew up with an older brother and although we went through the typical sibling stuff (hitting each other, hating each other, I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you, DON’T! DON’T! DOOON’T!), having a sibling is awesome. Someone who is always there for you-whether you want them to be or not. So. … Read More

The Decision To Have Another Child

I have known I wanted to have children for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t anything I had to make a decision about as an adult. I got pregnant with my oldest son about a year and a half after I got married. My husband had to convince me to wait that long. We wanted our kids about … Read More