Have We Gone Too Far?

No. Just no. I recently read an article describing a new trend that I find atrocious. I can hardly describe how I feel. What is so incredibly offensive that I can barely type the words…? “Along with Babies, Hairstylists are arriving in hospitals.” You can read the whole article here. Yes. Now women have decided that the most important thing … Read More

Dealing With Gender Disappointment

I always wanted a daughter. Ever since I gave any serious thought to actually having children, I always pictured myself as the mother of a daughter. And in my mind I had big plans for her. She was going to be smart, independent, and capable. She’d be funny, witty, and compassionate. I would be the ideal professional female role model, … Read More

Life’s Last Surprise

Are you finding out the sex? The minute you’re pregnant, this is the first question people seem to ask. They want to rub your belly and they want to know-are you going to find out? Everyone has an opinion! It’s a hard decision to make. Technology has brought us to a place where we can not only find out the … Read More

What You Might Not Know About Your Delivery: Part Two

Part 2: Labor and Epidurals The follow-up to Part 1: Prepping and Pre-Labor, Part 2 is a continued list of lesser-known facts and tips compiled from a few dozen moms. Active labor is one of the parts of the delivery process that can create the most anxiety in new moms, as there really is no way to know what is … Read More

Planning For A Natural Birth

In October 2014 I had a drug-free vaginal birth with my daughter. It wasn’t easy, but it was made easier by the pain management techniques that I used to get through the contractions. Some of the pain management techniques I used were simple things that I could do on my own while my partner slept, while others required his help. … Read More

What You Might Not Know About Your Delivery: Part One

Part 1: Prepping and Pre-Labor You’ve taken the classes, read the books, written and rewritten your birthing plan – you have this labor and delivery thing in the bag! Yet when it comes time to actually deliver, there are always a few unexpected surprises in store. I asked two-dozen mommy friends to share their birthing stories with me, and share … Read More

Optimal Spacing Between Pregnancies

When thinking about adding another child to your family, the timing between pregnancies is something that many families consider as part of their decision. You may have an idea of how far apart you want your children to be in age, but there are other factors to think about than just simply whether your older and younger children will play … Read More

60 Ways To Help A New Mom

1. Cook special lactation muffins or cookies. 2. Hold the baby while she showers. 3. Take a pseudo professional photo of the baby for her. She’ll save money on professional looking photos, and you’ll get to practice your skills. 4. Sweep her floors. 5. Throw in a load of baby laundry. 6. Fold and put away baby laundry. 7. Bring … Read More

Signs of Labor

As you approach your due date, several big questions keep popping into your mind. What does labor feel like? Will it hurt? Will it go smoothly? How will I know I’m in labor? What if I have the baby in the car on the way to the hospital?! Many women begin to feel like they can’t do it, and they … Read More

Evelyn’s Birth Story

Early Labor It was my due date: October 24, 2014. I hadn’t been feeling any signs of labor whatsoever, and at my midwife appointment the day prior, Evelyn was still very high in my pelvis and had not dropped at all. Around 9pm, my husband and I decided to go for a drive to the supermarket to look for a … Read More