Something that is sought after by many, found by few. I believe balance and positivity are intertwined and who wouldn’t agree? On a day you’re feeling down, do you ever feeling balanced in your day/life? I am lucky enough to have found a real balance in my life. Although it has taken me many, many years to realize how to … Read More

Games Your Toddler Plays

Toddlers love to play games. We start by playing peek-a-boo, Pat-A-Cake and hide and seek. But when toddlers start getting creative-watch out! There are a whole new set of games they will spring on you…and there are no rules. Here are my most recent favorites, from a toddler’s perspective. 1. Stare at them until they wake up. This is a … Read More

When You Know, You Know

I always knew I wanted two children. I grew up with an older brother and although we went through the typical sibling stuff (hitting each other, hating each other, I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you, DON’T! DON’T! DOOON’T!), having a sibling is awesome. Someone who is always there for you-whether you want them to be or not. So. … Read More

Weaning Your Baby

There is nothing more beautiful than the bond between a new Mom and her baby. For first-time Moms, it’s a feeling that is truly unexplainable. You think you know what love is, and then you have a child. The last few weeks of pregnancy, the nerves start to set in and an unsettling feeling of doubt can start to creep … Read More

Moms Can’t Get Sick

Pregnant? Congratulations! I have some news for you that I feel is very important: Once you have that baby, you are never allowed to be sick again. I mean, ever. Like…forever. I got hit with the plague this week. But not really. I’m not allowed to be sick. I’m a Mom. Here are the top five reasons Moms can’t ever … Read More

Picking Up Moms

Making Mom friends…ughhhhhh. Why is it when we have children, it is so much harder to make friends when we need friends so much more? It’s not just Moms…but it’s the “Mom-age”. You’re officially an adult (sorry about that) so making friends is just plain difficult. You know what’s easy? Making friends when you’re a kid. At some point in … Read More

The Modern Day Husband

Things have changed over the years. As recent as the 1970’s, men and women were expected to get married, buy a house and have multiple children…in that order. The woman was to stay home and raise all the kids (not have a job, in the strictest sense of the word) while the husband went to work and “brought home the … Read More

The Village Is Gone

It’s been said: “It takes a village to raise a child.” I agree. Or at least, I would like to. But these days the village isn’t allowed to help out and it’s a real shame. Back in the day, if a child was acting out, harming another child or just being plain disrespectful-they would get an earful…and not from their … Read More


If you have recently had a child, you can hold that newborn in your arms and breathe easy. They truly are the sweetest, most amazing thing you’ve ever done, right? Good job you. Fast forward a year. Miraculous! They’re sitting, crawling, moving, walking, smiling at you. They’re communicating with you. Everything they do is a pure miracle of life-and it’s … Read More

Let’s Start A Respect Revolution

There are less respectful children in the world these days. Come to think of it, there are less respectful people in the world. I don’t think that is a wild coincidence. People feel entitled, and are aggressive in asking for what they want. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that, but children are always watching. It’s not natural to be … Read More