Multiples: Pregnancy Info

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for every woman, especially if you go into your first prenatal care check up sonogram appointment and you see two babies with two beating hearts on that black and white screen. You might be instantly in shock, thinking, “I am going to need two of everything!” Since there are more tests and sonograms involved … Read More

What If I Have Pica?

Many women while pregnant experience some sort of craving. The cravings can be for things as simple as sweets or veggies. However, these cravings can be for stuff slightly stranger, like mayonnaise and bananas or pickles with ice-cream. But there is another type of craving pregnant women can get, called pica. Only a small percentage of women experience this type. … Read More

Tests Done Routinely During Your Pregnancy

Finding out that you are expecting a bundle of joy in the next nine months can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. Many people do not realize that when they are pregnant, sometimes their doctor appointments will be full of tests and other routine procedures – even if your pregnancy is not considered high risk and there are no … Read More

Vaccinations And Pregnancy

While pregnant you think of the health of you and your baby. Immunizations are very important part to that. There is a reduction in disease and death among woman vaccinated against diseases that are preventable by vaccinations. There is no evidence of dangers to the fetus with pregnant woman getting vaccinated with bacterial vaccines, inactivated virus, or toxoids. Live vaccines … Read More

Dealing With Postpartum Depression

Giving birth can set off a ton of emotions, some great, some not. While childbirth can make women feel elated, it can make them feel depressed, as well. With problems related to childbirth, postpartum depression is the most common. Close to nearly half a million females each year in the United States, will experience this. This type of depression is … Read More

Eating Disorders While Pregnant

With society’s view on beauty today, so many women and girls are developing eating disorders to be what society views as beautiful. This is dangerous. When you are expecting a baby, however, the dangers of an eating disorder are even more complicated. Finding out you are pregnant brings on a whole different set of emotions. Among a variety of things, … Read More

Bed Rest: What You Can Do to Stay Sane

When you find out your pregnancy is considered high risk, immediately we panic about what this means for us and our unborn children. Your doctor may even advise you to be on strict bed rest for the remainder of your pregnancy. Of course, for the health of you and your unborn child, you will oblige but that does not stop … Read More