When It’s Not So Bad To Be Known As “Mean Mommy”

Before my husband and I had kids, I always knew that I would be the disciplinarian. I may not sound too intimidating with my high-pitched, shrill tone, but still it is just the way the cookie crumbles. My husband is a bit of a softie although many think that he comes across differently, and the idea of him being a … Read More

Why Sex Changes After Kids

Before we had kids, things were certainly a lot easier. It’s not that we would change our lives for the world, but we must admit that activities like having sex was something we could do whenever we pleased. To be a parent means you have to get creative at times, especially so that the little ones are none the wiser. … Read More

Happy To Be A Simple Mom

I remember when I was growing up my mother wouldn’t even go to the grocery store without her lipstick on. Going outside of the house meant that you had to look your best, and apparently to feel your best that meant slapping on the war paint, too. I’ve always liked makeup, but more because I am creative and like the … Read More

Getting The Older Kids To Help With Baby

When you start adding more kids to the bunch, sometimes it’s not as difficult when there are eager big brothers and sisters in the family dynamic. When I had my second child, only 14 months after having my first, obviously this wasn’t something I would even consider at that time. Now with my third (and last) child, having two extra … Read More

Having Kids Without Any Help

Before I ever had kids, I knew what kind of mother I would be one day, completely hands-on. When I was growing up my parents split up by the time that I was 7, which meant that my single mom was forced to spend much of her time working. Being alone a lot, and usually without anyone to be involved … Read More

5 Things You Remember Once You Have A Newborn Again

When we think of our life as a parent to a newborn, usually we think of the lack of sleep, or exhaustion, or the way our whole world turns upside down. Whether you are a first-time mom or a veteran, there are so many little things you feel inside your mind and your heart for that first incredible year. For … Read More

Being Honest With Your Kids Is A Must

When I was growing up, I remember always asking a lot of questions. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, I’ve always considered myself to be a curious person with a quest to learn more. This is especially true in things about my family history. But the reason being is because so much was kept from me. My mother rarely spoke … Read More

Third Time’s A Charm

I’ve always considered myself to be a bit of a superstitious person. Partially because my father was that way but also because it just came naturally to me. When I had my first child I was 26 years old. That isn’t overly young, and a pretty normal age for a first time mom, and granted I did turn 27 less … Read More

Working From Home with Kids

Working at home is significantly different than working at an office or place of business. While some people may think that it seems easier overall, there are still challenges faced on an every day basis. Working from home takes a lot of self-discipline, concentration, and most importantly—peace and quiet. Now, try throwing a couple of kids in the mix and … Read More