Egg Freezing: Is It Right For Me?

As we’ve all seen in the last several decades, women’s roles in society—including in the home, the workplace, the classroom and the family—have been changing, evolving really. Every other day, there is an announcement about a new breakthrough—or a new setback—for women’s choices and what that breakthrough or setback will mean for women and their loved ones. One of them … Read More

Having Friends With Children

In the beginning of freshman year in high school, Michelle Skowronek walked into the girl’s bathroom to find a sassy Patty Cobleigh. Patty leaned over and pulled gum off of the seat of Michelle’s tights and they’ve been best friends ever since. Michelle and Patty have been through a lot together. Michelle was Patty’s maid of honor and “basically planned … Read More

Everything Will Be Fine

My genetic counselor had the sweetest face— soft, angelic, trusting. After she took my aunt and I into a small room, she smiled, her eyes turned down and then her smile retreated a bit. “I was really hoping to give you different news today,” she said. I know she meant it. She proceeded to explain what my diagnosis of Lynch … Read More

The Economics of Women’s Fertility

Women are going to have sex. Women are going to go about their lives—go to school, have a job, be with friends, have relationships, etc.—and they want to be able to have control over their lives. At least this is what 60 percent of women surveyed by the Guttmacher Institute said when they were asked why they were using contraception. … Read More

Birth Control: What Are My Options?

Birth control may not just be a women’s issue anymore. Indonesia has been trying to harness the power of their plant, “gendarussa,” to create a birth control pill for men. Bambang Prajogo, the research project’s lead scientist told the LA Daily News, “It’s 99 percent effective.” However, because of US FDA rules, it could be ten years or more before … Read More

Fertility in a Single Mother World

Family structure is changing as a growing percentage of children are being born into single mother households, a group with the highest rate of poverty among family types. According to the book, Changing Poverty, Changing Policies, the poverty rate for single female with children households was 39.9 percent in 2006, compared to 7.5 percent for married couples with children. The … Read More

Women Gambling With Genetics Due To Financial Constraints

Melinda carries the gene mutation known as BRCA1, which increases her risk for breast, ovarian, prostate and pancreatic cancer. After having chemotherapy and a double mastectomy at the age of 29, she told Norah O’Donnell, CBS News’ Chief White House Correspondent that she didn’t want to pass on this potentially deadly mutation to her future children. “It’s a lifetime of … Read More