Teaching Your Child Pet Etiquette

My one-year-old has been nipped at by five different dogs. Every nipping was done by a dog that the owner swore was “great with children”, “loved kids”, and “would never hurt a fly”, and occurred with my sitting no more than a few feet from him. All pets, no matter how sweet and docile, have their limits. They might get … Read More

Cloth Diapers Are Easier Than You Think

Want to save money and lower your environmental footprint? Then cloth diapers might be for you! This will give you a very brief overview (there are entire blogs specifically devoted to cloth diapering) and maybe peak your interest enough to try them yourself! Many shy away from them because the initial cost can seem daunting – ten to twenty dollars … Read More

The Most Important Class You Will Ever Take

When you become pregnant, you realize quickly how many classes are at your disposal. Half a dozen different birthing style classes, basic infant care, introducing your baby to your dog, baby massage, baby wearing, cloth diapering, the list is endless. But there is one class that should be a non-negotiable MUST for every new set of parents (and grandparents too), … Read More

When Mommy Gets Sick

I actually liked being sick when I was little. My mom would pull out the bed from the convertible couch (normally only reserved for sleep-overs, so sleeping with that metal bar in your back on a flimsy mattress was actually very exciting). She would make macaroni and Jell-O and give me Sprite to sip on, and I would spend the … Read More

Choosing A Pediatrician

You and your child will have a relationship with their pediatrician from the day they are born, so picking the right pediatrician is something you want to put some thought into. You want to have someone who will respect your ideas as a parent, someone who is able to connect with your child (that nice blend of professional doctor and … Read More

Transitioning To One Nap

At some point around your baby’s first birthday (usually between the ages of ten and eighteen months, all babies are different), they’ll start showing signs that they are ready to drop down to one single nap. Whether you’re on a schedule with them or not, losing a nap can be a bit of an adjustment. Many moms wonder, when is … Read More

Organic Food: Trendy Or Essential?

Look down at the shirt you’re wearing. Imagine new research has come out showing that the shirt’s material can cause toxic effects on your nervous system. Would you still keep wearing the shirt? Or pay an extra dollar for a shirt with non-toxic fabric? How about if it came to light that the toxins in the plastic of your baby’s … Read More

When Your Little One Goes On A Food Strike

My 14-month-old did not eat willingly for close to six weeks. I’m still completely baffled that he didn’t wither away, but rather seemed fine and unbothered throughout the whole ordeal. I was a wreck. What initially seemed like a case of picky eating became an aversion to all food. He had always been an adventurous diner who would try anything … Read More

Three Types of Advice To Ignore

People love to give advice. Loooove it. And when you’re pregnant or have a child, the advice comes full force, whether you ask for it or not. Your great-aunt who hasn’t been around children in forty years, the lady behind you in the check-out line, the distant friend on Facebook you haven’t talked to since high school…pretty much everyone is … Read More

Take A Moment

I could feel it creeping in. I started noting my mood and energy a few months prior and realized that about once every 5-6 weeks, for period of a day or so, I hit a wall and was simply overcome by everything that’s asked of you once you become a parent. The point where your house is beyond a disaster, … Read More