I Just Turned My Back For 1 Second

You can put latches on every cabinet, and covers on every outlet, but at some point, and possibly at many points, your child will get hurt in an attempt to explore as much of their world as they can possibly manage. Children often seem to determined to injure themselves. Last week, my mother stopped by my house with my 3 … Read More

What They Never Tell You

Before I got pregnant with my first baby, I read all the books and magazines I could get my hands on, but there were still things that surprised me when I experienced them. I was expecting some surprises the first time, but you would think by the third time, that I would have experienced everything by then, but there were … Read More

Jacobs Birth Story

I have heard a lot of people say that they are afraid that they won’t make it to the hospital to have their baby and will give birth in their car. Having done that myself, it’s really not that bad. Of course I also did not decide to call the local news with the dramatic story of having my baby … Read More

The Only Thing That Matters

When you’re pregnant, you get a lot of unsolicited advice and comments, often from complete strangers. Although they are usually well-meaning, it often seems as if their only purpose is to make you feel bad about yourself and question every decision you’ve made, especially the one to have children. There are the comments about how big you are so you … Read More