Why Choosing An OBGYN Is Like Choosing a Mate

Women have lots of choices today when it comes to selecting an OGBYN practice or doctor to deliver a baby. Obviously overarching issues, like insurance coverage, should play a major factor when picking a doctor. But there are other, philosophical issues that should be considered as well. When selecting the right OBGYN practitioner, I believe a woman should look for … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Pre and Post Baby Life

There are two questions that enter every parent’s mind at some point along the journey known as parenthood: how is having children going to change my life and remember our lives before we had kids? On expecting parent boards across the internet you always hear new moms-to-be fretting that “I’m scared that after I have a baby, my life won’t … Read More

Flying With Small Children: How Brave Are You?

When my husband and I starting discussing wanting to take our kids to Disney World, the first decision we had to make was whether we wanted to fly or drive. While both options had obvious pros and cons, ultimately, a two hour flight seemed much more preferable than a 14 hour drive. Still, we had to wonder, what would it … Read More

What’s The Postpartum Hospital Stay Really Like?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I remember talking to other women about the whole birth process, and most of the women I spoke with all said the same thing: the time I spent in the hospital after giving birth would be the most amazing and magical time of my life. They described a spa-like experience where caring … Read More

Are Baby Gender Stereotypes Real?

Before I had children, I always thought those stereotypes about boys and girls were manufactured by society – that children were born blank slates and they only developed into gender roles because we, as a society, cultivate those personalities. Now that I have two children, a boy and a girl, I’m starting to rethink that concept. My children couldn’t live … Read More

Should We Have Another Baby?

With two small children happily thriving in our house, my husband and I face a dilemma many couples wrestle with when they reach this point in their lives: should we have another baby? The problem with this question is that our answer seems to change daily, sometimes hourly. When you’ve got the two kids, a boy and girl, everyone kind … Read More

Picking A Baby Name

When I look at my two children, I couldn’t imagine naming them anything other than their current given names. These names so obviously fit their personalities, and no other name could possibly work for either of them. Looking back, I can’t believe we spent so long debating names… But oh did we debate names… When it comes to picking baby … Read More

Do You Need A Birth Plan?

As expecting mothers begin to prepare for the big delivery day, the concept of a birth plan will inevitably come up. What is a birth plan? Do you need one? What is it supposed to include? Personally, I had given absolutely no thought to a birth plan when I was pregnant with my first child. I didn’t even know what … Read More

Working From Home: Heaven on Earth or a Black Hole?

In the ongoing debate that continues to unnecessarily pit working mothers against stay at home moms, there exists an almost mythical solution that combines the best of both worlds: moms who work from home. Viewed in its best light, working from home does seem like the ultimate opportunity. Mothers can maintain professionally rewarding careers and contribute to their family finances … Read More

Does Childbirth Hurt?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I spent hours and hours worrying, researching, and obsessing over just how much giving birth was going to hurt and if I could handle the pain. Unlike a lot of life experiences, like getting a splinter or scraping a knee, first time moms have absolutely NOTHING to compare child birth to, making … Read More