The Best Moms On The Internet

Looking for some new places on the internet to make part of your weekly routine? I have been over Facebook and Pinterest for some time now, and have found some favorite websites that give me laughter, inspiration, and encouragement after my son heads off to bed. If you are looking for some new internet pals, here are some of my … Read More

Help Wanted: Our Allowance Strategy

This summer, our family of three started something new: allowance for our 5 year old son. If you are thinking about an allowance system, my first piece of advice would be to steer clear from the internet. As with all things, googling your parenting options and choices will just make you feel less confident and more guilty. I can’t ever … Read More

A New Routine

I love routine and schedules. While I am flexible to some point, I find security in knowing what comes next. My husband knows this is important to me as well, and we have had family routines and schedules even long before our son was born. But now that we are 2 weeks into kindergarten, our whole family is in transition … Read More

What I’m Excited For This School Year

About this time each year, my social media is buzzing with back to school articles written by moms who are determined to make readers cry. Everyone is talking about how time flies and how our babies aren’t babies anymore. My friends are sobbing in the aisles of Target while school supply shopping. The back to school “remember when they were … Read More

I’m Not The Favorite

For the first years of his life, my son was a Mama’s Boy. I don’t say this is a negative way, because I mostly quite liked him being a Mama’s Boy. I was the one that nursed him, that rocked him, that stayed home during the day to have adventures with him. I was the one that scooped him up … Read More

Celebrate Transportation This Summer

I don’t know about your little one, but my preschooler is all about transportation. He’s not really into playing with trucks and trains anymore, but he is fascinated with experiencing different types of transportation himself. The past few years, my husband and I have found that getting out of our car has given us all some new adventures and experiences. … Read More

Making The Outdoors A Priority

I am a stay at home mom to a soon-to-be kindergartener in the Chicagoland suburbs. I must admit that without the schedule of preschool three times per week this summer, I have been struggling a bit to find activities for us to do without spending tons of money or setting an expectation of “super fun adventure summer” for my little … Read More

Airplane Travel Tips For Preschoolers

Summer vacation season is here! Whether you are venturing out on your preschooler’s first plane trip, or if you and your kiddo are pros at flying, it never hurts to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make your next flight an easier one. Our family of three are novice flyers, with our five year old son having four … Read More

Memory Making Summer Activities

Summertime is already chock full of memories that your children will carry for their lifetimes. Baseball games, lazy days by the pool, and watermelon seed spitting are what summer childhood is made of. Most times, our kids remember the extra special events or moments once they become adults. These extra special moments aren’t necessarily the most expensive vacations or the … Read More

Why Do Only Children Get A Bad Rap?

A few weeks ago, my husband, son, and I were at a bowling birthday party. Kids and parents were everywhere, and while it was a little crazy, everyone was having a great time celebrating. When it was time to rally the kiddos for cupcakes, everyone sat down at a place. Cupcakes were waiting and everyone was getting ready to sing … Read More