Healthy Postpartum Weight Loss (For Breastfeeding Moms, Too!)

Having a baby is an amazing, life-changing event (whether it’s your first, second, or beyond!), but it also does a number on the body. Even though we can look at the leftover weight, the saggy breasts, and the stretch marks as honorable “battle” scars from bringing a life into the world, it can also feel super important to fit back … Read More

Potential Fertility Boosters

There are claims all over the internet of things you should try that could make you have a baby, but here are five scientifically-backed, tried and true nutrients that can actually increase fertility (and none of them include vaginal steaming, which seems to be making the rounds on the internet lately). Astaxanthin — This one’s for the guys, but clinical … Read More

Will Acupuncture Help Me Get Pregnant?

Proponents of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will argue that such practices can help to cure infertility. But critics suggest it’s all blowing smoke. So how can you know which is true? This article examines scientific studies and other professional evidence that acupuncture actually could help you conceive under certain circumstances. What is TCM & Acupuncture? Traditional Chinese Medicine … Read More

Can Heavy Metal Toxicity Keep Me From Getting Pregnant?

The term “heavy metal toxicity” may sound frightening (or fictional), but it’s a real condition in which our bodies absorb heavy metals (like mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium and others) from environmental sources—including foods—and then holds onto them. Because we live in an ever-burdened chemical society, it becomes harder and harder for our bodies to release these substances. It primarily comes … Read More

Foods For Fertility

Trying to get pregnant this year? Here are ten of the best foods to include in your diet for optimal fertility. (P.S. They also make great pregnancy foods, too!) Pomegranate One of the less commonly consumed fruits, pomegranate is a great source of dietary fiber and promotes balanced cholesterol. It is also rich in antioxidants that combat inflammation, as well … Read More

How Do I Detox For Fertility?

January is that time of year when many look to the idea of a detox—out with the old from last year, in with newer, healthier ideas. But is detox really that great for fertility? Some fertility experts say no, but as a fertility nutritionist, I say yes. However, the way that someone chooses to detox is essential to whether it … Read More

Should You Go Gluten Free For 2015?

It’s that time of year when New Year resolutions are running rampant, and a popular one seems to be giving up gluten. But what is gluten, and are there “wrong” reasons for going gluten free? What health benefits are there? Can being gluten free actually benefit fertility? What IS Gluten? Gluten is grain protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and … Read More

Fertility Resolutions

It’s the beginning of another new year, and for women who are desiring to have a baby, January often comes with new resolutions and health goals. Here are five resolutions you should make when it comes to your fertility—and how to actually succeed at them. 1. Resolve to be more than your fertility. It can feel disheartening to try to … Read More

Can Caffeine Make It Harder To Get Pregnant?

Ah, caffeine. The highly controversial stimulant of the trying to conceive crowd. Conventional advice says that if a woman consumes 200mg or less that her fertility won’t be affected. But if that applies to all women, including those without fertility issues, do women struggling to get pregnant need to take more drastic measures? How Caffeine Works According to researchers at … Read More

Why Yoga and Pilates Are Good For Fertility

Optimizing the body for fertility goes far beyond diet and prenatal supplements. Exercise plays a vital role in overall health, but specific forms of exercise seem to have greater benefits for fertility. Both yoga and Pilates have been shown to improve fertility, but here we explore why. Weight Maintenance Even under the most ideal circumstances, a woman only has about … Read More