My Go-To Maternity Wear

Finding good maternity clothes can be like finding a needle in a haystack – everything is either all horizontal stripes, really tight, oddly cut, very long and sack-like, or when you finally find some maternity jeans that look cool they keep slipping down! I found a few pieces of maternity wear that I absolutely adored, and they weren’t hard to … Read More

Teaching Your Child Pet Etiquette

My one-year-old has been nipped at by five different dogs. Every nipping was done by a dog that the owner swore was “great with children”, “loved kids”, and “would never hurt a fly”, and occurred with my sitting no more than a few feet from him. All pets, no matter how sweet and docile, have their limits. They might get … Read More

Thoughts On Choosing Childcare

Depending on where you live, you might need to make childcare decisions long before your child has even arrived! For parents who will return to work after having a baby, choosing a childcare provider can be one of the toughest decisions they’ve faced. It is very difficult to trust your child to someone else’s care, and to feel confident that … Read More

Exclusively Pumping: What You Need To Know

When I was pregnant with my first child, I just assumed I’d breastfeed. Everyone breastfeeds right? So obviously that’s what I would do too. I bought a breastfeeding pillow and nipple cream. I also bought an expensive breast pump and milk storage bags because that’s what everyone said I should do. Looking back, I had absolutely no idea what I … Read More

The Best Moms On The Internet

Looking for some new places on the internet to make part of your weekly routine? I have been over Facebook and Pinterest for some time now, and have found some favorite websites that give me laughter, inspiration, and encouragement after my son heads off to bed. If you are looking for some new internet pals, here are some of my … Read More

The Little Things

When my oldest was about three years old, he pointed out every irrigation pivot we drove by. He got so excited about seeing them that we pointed them out if he hadn’t noticed them. He wanted a toy pivot, like the one his uncles got when they bought a real pivot. We took him to watch pivots running because he … Read More

Early Breastfeeding Experiences

Breastfeeding is seen as something that is beautiful, caring, and completely natural. But for many women it doesn’t come naturally, and sometimes it just doesn’t happen at all. When community living was more common, women would see others breastfeeding babies. Wet nurses were used, and women’s knowledge about breastfeeding and its difficulties was more easily able to be shared. These … Read More

Cloth Diapers Are Easier Than You Think

Want to save money and lower your environmental footprint? Then cloth diapers might be for you! This will give you a very brief overview (there are entire blogs specifically devoted to cloth diapering) and maybe peak your interest enough to try them yourself! Many shy away from them because the initial cost can seem daunting – ten to twenty dollars … Read More

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers

When your child turns two, three or four, they are finally aware that the celebration is in their honor.   They have developed their own sense of fun activities, and they might even have a set of friends and family that they’d like to spend time with on their special day.  But what happens if you have a dreaded winter birthday … Read More

Help Wanted: Our Allowance Strategy

This summer, our family of three started something new: allowance for our 5 year old son. If you are thinking about an allowance system, my first piece of advice would be to steer clear from the internet. As with all things, googling your parenting options and choices will just make you feel less confident and more guilty. I can’t ever … Read More