blananceSomething that is sought after by many, found by few. I believe balance and positivity are intertwined and who wouldn’t agree? On a day you’re feeling down, do you ever feeling balanced in your day/life?

I am lucky enough to have found a real balance in my life. Although it has taken me many, many years to realize how to maintain it. And life is constantly changing, so maybe don’t ask me about balance a year from now!

Health-wise, I continue a balance by sticking with the 80/20 principle. Eating nutritious, whole foods 80% of the time. The other 20% I can indulge without feeling guilty. It’s a perfect balance for me. I also work out when I can…no major plans involved. And no, I do not actually calculate the percentages. I just eat well MOST of the time, work out IF my toddler naps and indulge OCCASIONALLY.

In my life, my husband and I are a wonderful yin and yang. He is VERY organized and I’m happy to say, a lot of that has rubbed off on me over the years. But I can also keep him relaxed about the kid’s toys as they are not ever going to be perfectly put back in their place…but they are in baskets. For three children under six, I would say that is pretty good. They’re fairly tidy. One of my children (obviously taking after his father) folds his clothes before putting them in the laundry basket! I, do not.

The work/life balance has alluded me so far considering I have not been in the typical workforce since my oldest was born. But that will all change in just over a year’s time, as they will all be in school and I will no longer have an excuse! I can tell you that my time management skills will have vastly improved since having children. Going on the resume!

Balance in life is all about organization and taking time to do what you love. Whether that be spending time with your children or spending time with friends at a spa…carve it out. It’s important.

Overall, be optimistic. Positive people LIVE LONGER. They also believe they can do more and get more done-which includes making decisions under pressure. Positive people can see the bigger picture in life…and they generally have more friends. Friends keep you grounded…and balanced!

Creating a balanced life will look different to everyone. The important thing is to be happy and maintain YOUR level of balance. And who doesn’t want to live longer?

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Seanna Thomas

Seanna Thomas is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist living in Ontario, Canada. She works as a personal consultant and freelance writer out of her home and teaches healthy lifestyle cooking classes to both adults and children in the area. She is a mother to three children, all under the age of six and her husband works as a medic in the Canadian military. Although Seanna is educated in all aspects of nutrition, she focuses on realistic clean eating with a spotlight on healthy family habits. She is known online as the "Nutritionnaire" and writes a weekly blog. She can also be found on Twitter, will soon have a Facebook page, and a website is in the works! In her downtime, she enjoys being outdoors with her family and relaxing at home with her husband and a well-deserved glass of wine.