Avoiding Moving Stress

moving-stressMy family is moving. Really moving. Out of our house and into another. Also, out of our town and into a city.

In some people, this brings anxiety, fear, and feelings of major stress. Not me, I’m excited! I feel happy and very calm about the entire process…so far, anyway.

My three children are all under the age of six and my husband is in the military. This will be our second major move, although, right back to where we grew up…and exactly where we want to go.
Not everyone is so lucky. Many couples and families in the military are posted to places they are not only unfamiliar with, but isolated or just very far away from friends and family.

Moving, no matter when or where you go, can be scary. On your own, with a friend, a partner or family-it’s a big deal. But it doesn’t have to be.

I have three ways that might help make a move easier:

Be prepared.
Remember that magazine you loved so you got a subscription? You should probably change the address. Because the people who have moved into your old house ALSO like that magazine…and are now getting it for free. Make lists…constantly. Cross things off the list. Feel better. Does the thought of more paper floating around make you crazy? There are apps for staying organized and making lists.

Be optimistic.

People have opinions about the place you are moving. IGNORE THEM. Remember when you were pregnant and received opinions on what you were going to name your baby? Exactly. Where you live is what you make it, so make it AWESOME. Look at all the great things about where you’re moving and focus on that. This one is especially important if you have kids. They will pick up on any negative emotions you have about moving and feel the same way…making the move that much more difficult. Be happy about the move, and they will too.

Use this as an opportunity to de-clutter.

Chances are your closets and garage contain items you either never unpacked form your last move or don’t currently use. In the words of a very popular children’s song, “Let it Go.” Get your kids involved and make a game out of it. It will feel so good to move into a new place unburdened by extra stuff.

Go with the flow.
Plans will change. Your house won’t sell as soon as you thought. You can’t find a house in the neighbourhood of your dreams. You can’t AFFORD a house in your new city. The moving company is late. Your dog pooped on the floor just in time for the open house…just go with it. Come up with a back-up plan…and then a back-up plan for your back-up plan. And be happy.

All in all, change is inevitable. With a great attitude, it can be incredible. Who doesn’t want something to be incredible? Make your move awesome. I’m certainly looking forward to mine!

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