Playdate Success

Planning a successful playdate can be stressful or incredibly easy, depending on how prepared you are for the inevitable chaos. Or depending on your attitude. If you dread it, it will be terrible. If you’re looking forward to it, it will be fun! Don’t get me wrong-I LOVE playdates. Socializing your children is incredibly important at every age and having … Read More

Over-Scheduling Kids

As parents in this day and age, we are lucky. We are able to expose our children to arts and sports that we never had the chance to try. If you’re of my generation, (which is the one with or thinking about having small children) as a boy, you were probably in soccer or hockey, as a girl, maybe ballet? … Read More

A Grateful Holiday Season

The holidays are a special time. We look towards our family and friends for comfort, good times and to create lasting memories that we’ll treasure forever…well, some of them we’ll treasure forever. When your two year old opens a card and forgets to say “thank you” or tosses it aside to open the next one, or yells “PRESENTS!!!”, we all … Read More

Healthy Comfort Foods

It’s December. It’s winter. It’s cold and slushy and gross. Who wants to hole up on the couch and eat mashed potatoes? I DO! It’s very common (and EASY) to gain a few pounds over the holiday season, and throughout the colder months of the year. But we’re not bears…weight gain doesn’t have to happen. We all feel like hibernating, … Read More

Picky Eater

“I don’t like it! It’s gross! I’m not eating it.” I love hearing this when my kids haven’t even TRIED their food. UGH-Is there anything more frustrating than sitting with a child that will not eat? Picky Eaters are in every family, and if someone tells you their child was never picky growing up…they’re LYING. Okay, I’m sure there are … Read More