Post Secondary Savings

Pregnant? Congratulations! Are you dreaming of your little peanut becoming a doctor? Rubbing your belly, imagining junior graduating at the top of his class? Going to University? Me too. Which is why as soon as our first child was born, we started saving. And for good reason. Post-Secondary education is not cheap in this day and age. And that’s NOW. … Read More

First Foods

I had my three children in the span of three years. When I had my first son, after six months of breast feeding or formula, the recommended first solid food for him was iron-fortified cereal. After various grains, it was suggested he try vegetables, fruits and meats, in that order. Egg whites, strawberries, peanut butter and honey were off limits. … Read More

Family Of Five

I have three kids. You read that right. Three. On purpose. And they are all under the age of six. Apparently once you have more than two children, you immediately fall into the category of “large family”. I didn’t know this, but it is true. People have one child: “Oh, that’s great. Will they get a brother or sister?” Two … Read More

Celebrating Birthdays

Sunday was my birthday. Nothing big, and I’m not ashamed to admit…I turned 34. Happy Birthday to me! But as adults, I think we’re too quick to lie about our age. Now, I might be in a different situation than others. I’m very happy about where I am in my life and what I have accomplished. I was one of … Read More

Avoiding Moving Stress

My family is moving. Really moving. Out of our house and into another. Also, out of our town and into a city. In some people, this brings anxiety, fear, and feelings of major stress. Not me, I’m excited! I feel happy and very calm about the entire process…so far, anyway. My three children are all under the age of six … Read More

Allergy Season

Pollen vortex. New Supervillan or your worst nightmare? Could be both I suppose, especially if you or your kids suffer from seasonal allergies. With the late Spring this year, apparently all the pollen in the city (and maybe the world) will fall around the same time…and land on your children. Fear not! If your child is sneezing all over everything … Read More

Guilty Pleasure Confession

I have a confession to make. I really, really like reality TV. I wasn’t always like this. I used to watch the news, documentaries, and movies…interesting stuff. Besides, when the news comes on, the kids somehow get louder. So I miss most of it anyway. But since I’ve been (happily) house bound after 7PM on most nights since I had … Read More

March Break

Most families will tell you they learn something about each other during March Break. I certainly did. I would love to say I learned more about my children’s feelings or how to connect with my husband on another level. Or just how amazing my family is when we can all spend some unscheduled time together. You know, how we all … Read More

Kids vs. Snacks

As a Nutritionist, many people ask me if my kids are good eaters. The short answer is no. The longer answer is they’re better than some, and they USED to be awesome. Then they grew up and the four year-old copies the five year-old and the three year-old copies them both. So if the oldest doesn’t like something, I’m screwed. … Read More