Running A Relay

I’ve signed up to run a relay. I’ve never done anything like this before and even though it scares me a little, I am so excited to be stepping out of my element to do something new. And not only the running part, I’m raising money for an awesome cause. WIN-WIN! Did I mention I’m not a runner? I’m a … Read More

Have We Gone Too Far?

No. Just no. I recently read an article describing a new trend that I find atrocious. I can hardly describe how I feel. What is so incredibly offensive that I can barely type the words…? “Along with Babies, Hairstylists are arriving in hospitals.” You can read the whole article here. Yes. Now women have decided that the most important thing … Read More

Life’s Last Surprise

Are you finding out the sex? The minute you’re pregnant, this is the first question people seem to ask. They want to rub your belly and they want to know-are you going to find out? Everyone has an opinion! It’s a hard decision to make. Technology has brought us to a place where we can not only find out the … Read More

Let Her Wear Pink

I have three children. Two boys and one girl. She is the youngest and therefore, has two older brothers. They are proud to protect her but equally proud to teach her how to pull down her pants and dance in the kitchen. She is impressionable (as they all are) but she will do anything for her brothers. And they know … Read More

Baby Shower

I recently went to a baby shower for a good friend of mine. And I have to say, it was awesome. Do you want to know why? Well I’m going to tell you regardless. It wasn’t because she Pinterested the hell out of it. There were no cakes that looked like babies on DIY cake stands. There were no fancy … Read More

I Will Not Negotiate With A Toddler

Repeat after me: I will not negotiate with a toddler. I will NOT negotiate with a toddler. I WILL NOT NEGOTIATE WITH A TODDLER. In one morning, my toddler tried to negotiate breakfast (cheerios instead of a smoothie), what she was watching (DANIEL TIGER!! Instead of whatever everyone else might want to watch), what she wanted to wear (The pink … Read More

The Floop

I’ve never been overly confident with my body. So when I got pregnant, and I was allowed to let it all hang out, I was ecstatic. People looked at my big belly and SMILED. They wanted to touch it. I felt like a little Buddha statue, making people happy all over the place. It was glorious. I felt good on … Read More

When Siblings Fight

My kids can really kick the crap out of each other. And I swear, they didn’t LEARN this from me. Or my husband. Or the television shows they watch…and my kids don’t play video games (we live in the stone age and don’t let them play video games). I honestly think this is a natural sibling phenomenon. I remember starting … Read More

Discipline – A Sticky Subject Between Moms

Discipline. Oh man, this can be a sticky subject between Moms. How do you discipline, if at all? Are you strict? Are you a pushover? Do you let stuff go or turn a blind eye? Or are you harsh? Do you follow through? Or just repeat empty threats? I have been told I’m fairly strict. I’m okay with that. I … Read More

Is Preschool Right For Your Child?

I have to say, when I had my first child, I didn’t want him to go to preschool. Nope, I wanted him all to myself until the day he had to go to Junior Kindergarten. I’m lucky, as a stay-at-home Mom, I got as much time as I wanted with my kids. But then, in Ontario, full day Kindergarten happened. … Read More