The Adjustment of Adding More Children

When you find that you are pregnant again, sometimes it may be met with a bit of shock and apprehension. Whether it’s a back-to-back baby, or a few/several years in between, the thought of adding more children to the bunch can make us feel a bit overwhelmed and/or nervous. A century ago families were typically large, with 6 or 7 … Read More

Dealing With Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Like most women, I’m not a fan of packing on the pounds. When we become pregnant, especially the first time, this blissful feeling can wash over that makes us happy to know we don’t have to diet for the next 9 months. Husbands might even be happier too…seeing as a lot of times they have to suffer in our healthy … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions to Make You a Better Mom

With a new year comes new things. Many people develop resolutions for themselves as a way to ring in the new year—with a wide range of abandonments or the beginning of new trends. Sadly, resolutions are long forgotten for most once February rolls around. Something to implement that doesn’t take much work and can benefit not only you but also … Read More

What to Pack for Your Delivery Day

While some deliveries are planned, most often times the baby is awarded the task of choosing their own birthday. Some babies come early and unexpected, seldom on time, while others late with much anticipation and even frustration. In order to prep yourself for your hospital stay, it’s important to pack the right things you know that you’ll need to feel … Read More

Dealing With The Loss Of A Grandparent

Like all things in life, nothing lasts forever. While we know that death is unavoidable, it’s difficult to explain what loss is to an impressionable, easily-emotional child. A few months ago, I started dealing with this on an almost daily basis. My oldest daughter who will be four in just a few months, lost her grandmother (my mother) to terminal … Read More

How to Maintain a Happy & Healthy Relationship When You Have Kids

One day when you least expect it, it finally happens. You meet The One. Instantly things are different, and in your heart you just know that this was meant to be. After a whirlwind of courting you get engaged, then married and on your way to contemplating when the two of you should procreate. When you get pregnant the idea … Read More

How To Deal With Sibling Rivalry

There are many things you can choose in life, but siblings is not one of them. If you had a brother or a sister growing up, chances are that the two (or 3 or 4) of you got into some heated disagreements from time to time. Bickering with your sibling comes like second nature, with chances of your children following … Read More

The Miracle of Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you may feel as if it is an outer body experience that you never thought possible. There are so many things that happen no one ever told you about or prepared you for, with a number of myths quickly being debunked. No, morning sickness doesn’t just happen in the mornings. No, pickles don’t fall into the … Read More

Are You A Super Mom?

If you’re a mother who works, handles the kids and household responsibilities, remembers the hubby, hits the gym, and makes time for friends… well, then you are a Super Mom. Nobody is perfect, but to learn how to balance your life can at times seem like a juggling act in a three-ring circus. Life gets in the way and makes … Read More